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Every organization needs to live with the simple truth about IT Security. Your specific organization is not a target for attack. Your vulnerabilities are. Kilk.Solutions holistic IT Security include finely tailored strategies, next gen security tools, and personalized guidance. We give your organization and your clients confidence while eliminating the complexity and cost of IT Security.

The Pain

Organizations are concerned with data protection. However, unknown costs, complexities, and “security fatigue” typically result in IT Security that is patchwork, vulnerable. An approach goes beyond just technology.


Your org is too small to bother with. That makes you more vulnerable to attack.


Weighing the cost of IT Security vs the vague potential cost of data loss. Insurance? There is still a reasonable expectation or coverage/claim is void


Data breaches that are seen publicly show IT Security as a complex, expansive undertaking. Not representative of SMB


The endless barrage of IT Security fear messaging, sales pitches. It’s exhausting – and where do you turn for help?

Something here about an assessment

Klik.Solutions holistic, tailored, complete. Significantly reducing the risk and impact of an attack on your organization Prestigious team. Sophisticated tools to stop attacks in their tracks. Something so complex yet so simple. Many basic, simple steps finely orchestrated to create a layered approach to protect your org from the outside world to your employees. Explained in non technical way

Strategy & Policies

Assessment, policy review & development, goals, compliance, what are industry trends, etc. User policies, security & response policies. Based on needs, compliance

Technology & Infrastructure

Harden your existing technology. HW/SW all have security features built in. harden what you have, fill in where you don’t have. Patching, updates, permissions, etc

Next Gen Security Tools

Managed security features advanced av, firewalls, ransomware protection. SIEM services


Training on safe users, phishing training, support for when they mess up, adhere to policies

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