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About us

Our Mission

Provide a positive, enjoyable, personal IT experience that inspires a culture of success for our clients, their people and their clients. We do this by consistently challenging the established idea that IT Support is solely a technology perspective.

About us

There are thousands of Managed IT Services providers & IT Consultants in any market in the US. As business owners, technologists, and end users just like you, we realize that any Managed Services Provider can offer the same IT services. What Kilk.Solutions set out to build is an amazing experience for our clients and theirs. 

We started with leadership with successful backgrounds across technology and non-tech with a combined perspective that enables us to see your organization through your eyes. Successful innovators attract successful people, which is how we aligned with global IT leadership from companies like Unilever, General Dynamics, Kaiser Permanente, Google, Toyota, and others. Combined, we built a unique technical organization that delivers Enterprise level service, ingenuity, and expertise to any size organization.

This level of technology leadership empowers our organization as a whole to focus on your experience rather than chase technology. Our non tech leadership bridges the gap between technology and your vision to provide you with a deeper business partnership dedicated wholly to your organizational success. End user satisfaction, a personal touch, collaboration with your organization to find areas of growth are all part of how our team works tirelessly towards a more rewarding client experience.

Klik.Solutions Guiding Principles

Client Mission

Focus on achieving client mission success, and learning their business goals & vision.


Earned with industry best service, delivering on commitments, open & honest communication with clients.


Contribute to growth, culture, and success through dedication to one another in delivering client success…whatever it takes!

Positive Energy

Encourage diversity of culture, background, experiences, thoughts and ideas to foster positive energy and enthusiasm.


Earn and continue to build our reputation as a highly ethical, transparent company.

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