How IT Can Help Construction Companies

IT Constructions

The construction industry is designated essential as it maintains infrastructure and provides critical services for public safety and welfare. At the time of Covid-19 pandemic, it has been treated as such. Information Technology can help construction companies be more efficient and advanced in their fundamental role.    

Here are some of the great benefits IT can provide to construction companies: 

Cloud Computing 

Since construction requires detailed plans, access to those plans is critical. Cloud technology allows companies to access all documents and drawings from anywhere at any time. With Cloud, The project manager can walk through with an electronic map in hand and make notes and edits, which could be then shared with the team instantaneously. Cloud services will secure your data to ensure nothing is ever lost. 

Collaboration Capabilities 

Construction projects involve multiple parties including Owners, Architects, Engineers, and General Contractors. All of them need to work closely together to ensure the quality, budget, and timeline of the project. IT can provide great tools for collaboration and flawless communication between those parties. With a proper IT approach, projects will go smoothly, keeping everybody on the same page and up to date. 

Industry Specific Applications 

Due to the specifics of the construction field, some applications are unique to the industry. Some of them are AutoDeskProCore, and BIM360. Having IT Managed Services on your side is very beneficial. Not only does IT help to determine which software is right for your unique business, but it also ensures all software is up to date and runs as expected. 24/7 Help Desk will back you up, so you won’t have to deal with glitches or bugs on your own. Knowing there is somebody there to help you navigate the apps is a great way to work. Ultimately, less stress means more fun! 

Competitive Advantages 

The construction industry is very competitive. Having the latest software and technology will give you advantages in getting bigger and greater projects. These days, being on the innovation edge means more than just coolness, it means improved capabilities with high efficiency and a forward-looking approach. 

In the modern world, Information Technology is essential for construction companies. We are way past the days of those hand-drawn plans and landlines. The industry is moving forward and adapting approaches to provide all parties with clear data and open communication. Latest technologies help run projects with fewer Change Orders and budget adjustments. 

Klik Solutions is experienced in providing IT services for construction companies of all sizes. We offer you our expertise, so you can give us that essential public safety and continue to create new architectural pieces of art. Get a Proposal Now! You can also call us at +1 (888)959-1196 or send us a message at We are here to help! 

Baltimore IT Support

Baltimore IT Support

Managed IT Service Provider in the heart of Baltimore

Klik Solutions is located in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland. We are committed to offer fully managed IT support to businesses in Baltimore and Washington DC metro area. Klik Solutions is dedicated to provide an amazing IT experience your company deserves.

Fully Managed IT Support in Baltimore

We offer a wide range of managed IT support services. If you need to outsource a Service Desk, or look for a 24/7 IT Help Desk, Klik Solutions got you covered. Our services portfolio includes Full Managed IT Services, Cloud Services, and Cyber Security Services. All of them are affordable and tailored to meet your unique business requirements. Our Baltimore IT Support team is committed to give the best IT experience your business can get.  

Klik Solutions Baltimore IT Support Team

Klik Solutions started in Baltimore, Maryland back in 2012. Since the beginning, we focused on providing businesses with IT experience they can trust and afford. We invest in our people by hiring the best and the brightest IT specialists, technical support gurus, and cybersecurity experts. Our team is formed of devoted professionals you can rely on. We are here to help your business grow! Get a Quote Now [Button to Action] to start an Amazing IT experience you deserve! You can also call us at 888.959.1196 or send us a message at  

6 tips to boost to 100% Client Satisfaction

6 tips for client success

Klik.Solutions consistently receive high satisfaction surveys from our clients on tickets and projects. Do you know how we do it? We will be happy to share with you our knowledge. Bill, our Director of Customer Success, gives his effective tips on how to enhance clients’ experience.

1. Build a great team

The first and most important step you can take is building your team. It’s hard to beat a competent and responsible team! There is tremendous value in a team that has a deep understanding of the current technologies, security, cloud, disaster recovery and collaboration tools. A Team that is always looking out for the client’s needs. A team that is more like a family and has input on how to be better at what we do. A team that works hard and plays hard and enjoys each other’s company. 

2. Have your Help Desk respond quickly

Speed and accuracy are always critical in any business. And for our customers, we always want things to be done quickly and accurately without a delay. We are proud of our Help Desk team, as they work very hard to fix issues right the first time and to have great SLA scores and customer feedback to prove it. Our Helpdesk Team always goes that extra mile to make our clients happy.

3. A very responsive project team

Every time your team receives a project from a client, make sure the communication is clear and is as transparent as possible. Your client should understand the process and know all the deadlines and possible causes for delays. Proactive project teams with transparent communication is a key to a successful project and a happy client.

4. Have an internal Quality Assurance team

What does the QA Team do? Well, lots of stuff. At its core the QA team makes sure services that the clients are paying for are provided on time and accurately. They look out for inefficiencies and trends, they identify potential issues before they become a real problem. QA also oversees response times, communication dynamics, and quality of services. On top of that, they assure the quality of the helpdesk, engineering projects, security patching, anti-virus, backups and alerts etc

5. Have a system that keeps your clients aligned with the industry standards

Have a proactive system in place to assess the current state of your clients’ infrastructure. You should be able to identify any gaps and problems and compare them to the industry standards. You can then provide a plan to a client that will outline the steps to bring them up to speed with the industry standards. No one wants to be left behind from an efficiency and security standpoint.

6. VCIO/CIO consultation

As a backbone to enhancing client experience, have a Chief Information Officer / Virtual Chief Information Officer on your team. With VCIO, your clients will have access to the knowledge and proficiency of a CIO without the expense of having a full-time VCIO on their staff. Beyond cost savings, access to VCIO provides your clients with a high-level technology expertise and deep understanding of business management. Basically, it is like having an IT expert who guides a company in technology decision-making which brings the technical and business sides in alignment.

Now you know what to focus on to make your clients fully satisfied. And don’t forget, if you have any questions or need a quote, you can call us at +1 (888)959-1196 or send us a message at We are here to help!

Service Desk and Help Desk – Which one to Choose?

Service Desk and Help Desk – Which one to Choose?

Our story began with Help Desk. As often with start-up companies, Klik.Solutions started by taking one step at a time. As Help Desk support, we loved solving our client’s immediate IT problems on the spot. Later though, our area of expertise extended, and we naturally converted into a Service Desk providing long-term solutions and supporting bigger goals for our clients.

You might ask – what is the difference between a Help Desk and a Service Desk? No wonder you have this question, there is only a one-word difference, but some good amount of confusion.

To put it simply, Help Desk solves every day IT issues providing quick solutions. On the other hand, when we talk about Service Desk, this would include Helpdesk plus a wider meaning and more complex services included.

While Help Desk provides help here and now, a Service Desk includes a wide range of services:

  • Strategic planning
  • Managing Cloud storage
  • Moving from one infrastructure to another
  • Supporting internal changes and expanding operations
  • Providing 24/7 Help Desk support
  • And much more

Hopefully, we were able to clarify the difference. But if you still have questions or need any help with your IT, reach out to us at +1 (888)959-1196 or send us a message at We are here to help!

5 Ways to Make Your Teams Meeting More Engaging

Microsoft teams

With many of us being stuck at home, the demand for video conference software increased significantly. The two most popular ones are Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service that allows people to meet virtually. Today, though, we would like to tell you more about Microsoft Teams that is part of the subscription-based Office 365 suite.  We want to share with you the ways how to make your Teams meeting more fun, engaging, and interactive. 

1. Turn on your video  

Turning on your video for a meeting gives you an opportunity to see another person. But remembering that 93% of communications is non-verbal, this simple action might become a game-changer. By seeing another person, you can communicate more effectively and be more productive.  

2. Funny digital backgrounds 

Show up to the meeting pretending you are at the beach or in a space ship. Microsoft Teams gives a great variety of fun places you can put yourself in for the time of the meeting. It is also very helpful when you have a mess in your house and don’t feel like cleaning. 

3. Brainstorm on a whiteboard 

One of the best things about face-to-face meetings is an opportunity to share and brainstorm ideas putting them in visual graphs and structures. In case you didn’t know, it is also possible with Microsoft Teams! There is a Whiteboard capability that lets all participants write their ideas and share their visions. To tell you the truth, this might be even better than meeting in person as Teams saves everything for you, and you can easily distribute the materials after the meeting.  

4. Captions enabling 

For people who have hearing obstacles or have broken speakers, Teams rolled out a new feature that lets people turn on live captions. At the moment, live captions are only available in English and in the United States. 

5. Never miss a meeting 

Sometimes, unpredictable situations make us miss important meetings. Microsoft Teams is here to help! You can record a meeting and have a transcript automatically generated. How awesome is that? Moreover, the recording is stored in the cloud, so it is easily accessible and sharable.  

We hope you have fun trying all those great features of Teams. In case you have any questions or need help with Microsoft 365, don’t hesitate to reach out – we are here to help! Klik Solutions is an official Microsoft partner, so call us at 888.959.1196 or send us a message at  

Remote Work is Our Present, Will it be Our Future?

Remote Work is Our Present, Will it be Our Future?

Even before Covid-19, remote work was rapidly increasing due to advanced technology capabilities and Internet coverage. Looking at the statistics, we see that a lot of companies embraced the change, from 2005 to 2017, there has been a 159% increase of remote work. Now, at the time of pandemic, those rates skyrocketed. Looking at this increase and recent research [LINK], workforce will not be the same as before pandemic. What we predict is a new dynamic in business world where remote work becomes a new standard, or a mixed model is used where working from home and going to office is well-balanced.

Salesforce Research recently published data using Tableau Interactive Dashboard to better understand the outlook of remote work.

  • About 69% off respondents believe that the pandemic will permanently change the nature of their work
  • About 66% believe that their skill set is up to date

When asked about productivity, communication and collaboration with colleagues while working remotely, more than 80% of responders rated those aspects as excellent or good.

Another set of questions indicates that people are even more productive while working remotely.

Who are those professionals who can work remotely?

In the past, remote work was mostly common for customer service jobs. Later, and now especially, it is gaining more popularity in other sectors such as  Technology, IT, Healthcare, Sales and Education. Working remotely gives businesses an access to a huge pool of talents from all over the world. If you are a business owner and still skeptical about remote work, then you can try to implement flexible work from home policy. This will allow employees to work 2 or 3 days from home and commute to the office the rest of the days.

1. The reduced costs for businesses

With people working from home, businesses can save a lot money by scaling down office space and reducing fixed costs. There will be no need for the office furniture, coffee machine, snacks and paper/office supplies. On a green side, just think about how many trees you can save by cutting down office printing!  

2. Happier and, as a result, more productive employees

When your employees work from home, they don’t need to commute which will save a lot of time and gas money. Instead they can focus more on important fulfilling things like family, hobbies or self-care which will contribute to improving their life-work balance.

3. There are tools available that make remote work productive and painless

In 2020, there is no need to worry about lack of communication between team members. There are many apps with remote admin capabilities that keep people connected. Most popular ones are Teams, Slack, Skype, Zoom and Google hangouts. To successfully track team’s progress and effectiveness, you can use software such as Planner, Trello and Asana. Cloud technology made it possible for businesses to remotely store, access and share company’s files and resources from anywhere. Modern IT makes remote workforce easy and extremely effective. 

If you want to try remote work for your business, we are here to help. We will make your experience smooth and secure with 24/7 IT and Cloud support. Please contact us at We are looking forward to helping you thrive.

Healthcare IT in a time of Crisis

Healthcare IT in a time of crisis

While the Corona Virus has been raging on, a lot of hospitals are dealing with influx of patients. This means that information is exchanged at a breakneck pace. With the increase in volume of data, it becomes a challenge to remain compliant with all the regulations, stay secure, and at the same time, manage their staff. It sounds difficult, but with new healthcare IT technologies, it is possible.

1. End-to-end Security 

Any type of business is concerned with their data being stolen or getting hacked. With the Corona Virus putting strain to hospitals, the healthcare industry is more at risk than ever. With all the data being created, transferred and accessed, there are a lot of points where cyber-attackers can get access beyond in-place security controls, encrypt data and hold it for ransom. According to security experts from the U.K. and the U.S. there could be a spike in cyberattacks aimed at healthcare providers. With Healthcare IT security services, you can setup a lot of protocols for your system, such as Multi-Factor Authentication, internal and external vulnerability scans, Next Generation Firewalls and much more. This will help to insure you have a safe, and secure system. We recently published a blog  on how businesses can protect themselves from attackers.

2. Government Compliance 

It’s hard to keep up with all the rules and regulations that a hospital needs to follow.  If they are found in non-compliance, a hospital can face up to $1.5 million in fines and penalties per year. This leaves business leaders in a tangled web of regulations where they are constantly trying to remain in compliance to avoid these fines. With these constant changes in regulations, a properly managed healthcare IT system could help secure access to only the people who are authorized to view it. When there are new changes in regulations or new rules, compliant healthcare IT can also give you actionable suggestions that will help you stay ahead of the game. 

3. File management 

Gone are the days when people have to run to the other building to access records, taking up valuable time and resources. IT solutions for healthcare, through something called the Electronic Health Record (EHR) has made this process much easier. With the click of a button, the information that you entered or updated will be consistent across the board. According to Health IT, 88% say EHR produces better clinical benefits for the practice and 75% say EHR allows them to give better patient care. You can also access past and present information about the patient, as well as how they are progressing with their treatments. This is one of the best healthcare IT solutions for hospitals. 

4. Staff Collaboration and Management 

Labor cost is one of the highest expenses that a hospital can have. A managed health IT service can provide you with management software that could help keep track of productivity, scheduling and time off, as well as help maintain optimal efficiency without sacrificing patient care.  

5. Online consultation and Telemedicine   

With COVID patients filling up hospitals, a lot of services have been moved to online consultation and telemedicine. Now more than ever, compliant healthcare technologies are needed, as well as healthcare IT security, making it easier for you to ensure that you can track and secure patient data. 

Klik Solutions has experience working in healthcare IT services, with clients such as Anne Arundel Medical Center, Johns Hopkins Health Systems, National Institute of Health, and others. We are ready to provide a managed Healthcare IT service aimed to optimize to your needs. Contact us at

5 Tips how you can protect yourself from cyber attacks

cyber attackes

Everyone is a target for it cyber attackers. According to CNBC Cyberattacks can cost $200,000 on average. They’ll always be there and it’s best to be prepared.

1. The devil is in the details!

One of the most popular ways that cyber attackers get to you are emails. Always double check the sender of the email. It will always come to in a form of invoice, freebie, or something you won. The FTC gives tips on how to detect these kinds of scams and where to report them. If you do not know the sender do not reply to it.

2. NEVER click links on suspicious email

When you get emails from suspicious emails, DO NOT click any links. They might be phishing websites that redirects you to their page and asks you for your personal information. In 2019, the FBI released a report that at least $1.4 billion was lost in 2017. Many were due to Phishing scams and email scams

3. Keep your software update

Whenever companies find a bug or a security risk in their applications or software, they will send out a patch to their customers. Always make sure that your software is updated to ensure that you are protected

4. Implement Multi-Factor Authentication

In case you don’t know Multi-Factor Authentication, it’s a security features found in many applications today. It asks for a second key verification, aside from your password. Sometimes it would give out a text, a code on a mobile phone authenticator app, or an email to verify that it’s you, that’s accessing your account. Microsoft says that “MFA can block up to 99.9 percent of account compromise attacks.

5. The Clichéd, have a strong Password

It sounds cliché but it adds a layer of security. Don’t use your birthday, password123 or your name. Use something more complicated that only you would know. Also be sure to change it up every few months, or sooner based on your corporate password policy, so that you’re more secure from cyber attackers. Equifax lists some helpful tips for a more secure password

At the end of the day, cyber-attackers are not going away and there is not a 100% percent sure way to protect your system. Cyber attackers are going to keep finding loopholes in your system and are going to continue to exploit that. The best we can do it is to keep our systems secure and to take the proper precautions.

With Klik Solutions, we take your security seriously. Contact us at info@klik.solution