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Co-Managed IT Client

Emergency System Response

  • Abnormal building power spike brought down legacy host server
  • Klik.Solutions techs and engineers in US and Ukraine rebuilt corrupted servers
  • Restored within 6 hours
  • Emergency support completed at no additional charge as part of Co-Managed IT Complete

Client Profile

As the IT team reporting to the IT Manager of a mid-sized CPA firm, Klik.Solutions has worked for several years maintaining and strategically updating the client’s aging infrastructure in an older mid-town office.

  • 60 Person CPA & Financial Advisory
  • IT Manager on Staff
  • SEC, SOX, PCI-PDI, HIPAA Compliance
  • KLIK.SOLUTIONS Co-Managed IT Client for 4+ years ​

The Challenge

The client was fully staffed on premises during mid-day at the start of tax filing season – nearly 100% of the firm was impacted. Adding to the challenge was a mix of a legacy server, software and power controls combined with newer a new host server as part of a client directed slow refresh. The power surge damaged the legacy host server and VM’s, effectively leaving the client with corrupted data and limited restore targets. The Klik.Solutions team needed to identify the cause of the surge to prepare for any further issues during our emergency efforts, identify what could be recovered locally, and the ideal strategy to bring the network back to a stable state. And it needed to be done quickly while communicating clearly to the IT Manager and firm leadership.

The Solution

The Klik.Solutions operations center began receiving critical alerts, enabling engineers to start remote triage before the client was aware. The Amsterdam cloud team also sprang into action with data recovery protocols. A Klik.Solutions engineer was on site 90 minutes after the alert to assess the state of all hardware and test for vulnerability to future surge damage. A combination of techs from Klik.Solutions Ops and Cloud teams pulled and aggregated all data from the corrupted servers while the on-site engineer shored up the physical environment and rebuilt new VM’s on the new host server. Data was then migrated to the new environment, with stability and accessibility verified. The site engineer also temporarily installed one of our own surge protecting UPS devices as an additional layer of protection while Klik.Solutions performed a deeper assessment of the root cause of the crash.

The Results

Within 6 hours, the firm was stable and fully operational with zero data loss. After providing a final report, the IT Manager and Klik.Solutions tech leadership determined that it would’ve taken the IT Manager days to figure out what the issue was and restore functionality, reaffirming our value to the firm and ownership. The cause of the surge was later determined to be an odd power spike through a coaxial cable which affected our client as well as other tenants in the building.

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“I love that the techs get right to work! And most times a resolve is completed immediately. I’ve always been greeted by someone professional and eager to assist. Austin did a great job and also educated me in the process! can’t beat that. Great job!!”

Margaret – CIO, Law Firm

COVID-19 Update

Klik.Solutions continues to monitor the latest ongoing updates regarding COVID-19 “coronavirus”… 

Klik.Solutions has put our well planned, thoroughly tested internal contingency plans into action, maintaining our high level of client services without impact. 

As of this update, our SLA’s for ticket resolution are holding at 98%. This is considered excellent especially in light of the elevated ticket volume as clients adapt to a mobile workforce.

Essential client projects are also proceeding as planned with no disruption from the Klik team.

We are proud of the efforts of our entire team and are standing by to help you navigate these unprecedented times. Please continue to email help@kliksupport.com for any assistance.

For more information contact info@klik.solutions or call 888.959.1196.

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