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Legal IT Discovery

What is a Legal IT Discovery?

Know what you don’t know about the mystery of your IT.

Law firms of every size rely on technology for the success of their business.  Even the most minimal IT environments consist of multiple systems integrating your technology with people – and your people with clients. Lawyers are incredibly intelligent and experts in the legal field.  However, that expertise excluded IT, the specifics of the services they need, and how to take advantage of IT for firm growth. Firms typically take a leap of faith – an educated guess – that their IT provider is delivering the services being paid for, or that the internal IT resource is capable of keeping tasks up to date. 

A Klik.Solutions Legal IT Discovery reveals and validates your IT status in terms you understand. It begins with a strategy session to understand more than just your IT, but how your firm operates, services clients, and what your ideal goals look like. We then securely assess your technology without any disruption to give you a very revealing report on your IT status. This includes an inventory of technology and active users, security and risk vulnerabilities, warranty and support status, and more. We then create an easy to understand deliverable that includes full report, identifies critical issues and vulnerabilities, monetary risk report, and short and long range IT recommendation.

Understanding your IT empowers your firm to hold your IT team accountable for best practices. Enables your firm to reduce overall IT costs and allocate those resources to what matters most – business growth. 

All at zero cost or obligation to your firm.

Legal IT Discovery Case Study Overview

Results of Discovery Report & Strategy:

  • 60% savings on monthly IT costs
  • 80% savings on technology costs
  • 20% revenue increase within 6 months
  • Added multiple prestigious clients to their roster over 18 months directly attributed to strict security standards, ability to handle increased workloads, and reallocation of wasted IT resources to business development activities.
  • Third party IT Assessment of our services validated and reinforced Klik Solutions capabilities


  • Critical issues with data backup
  • Security issues due to missing important security patches & updates
  • Former employees with active network access
  • Potentially fatal security issues from lack of standard best practices
  • Over 20,000 active brute force hacking attempts in progress
  • Active email and software subscriptions for several former employees
  • Undetected misuse and abuse of firm IT resources by employees
  • Unnecessarily large and expensive IT environment draining financial resources

The Firm Assessment

The process started with a strategy session with firm leadership. Within minutes we learned that were tremendously frustrated with the revolving door of IT providers that made the same promises, offered the same services, and grossly underperformed.

The firm’s goal was a better way of servicing clients to generate repeat business, and spend more time focused on new business development. Unfortunately, the inefficiencies of their extremely oversized – yet poorly maintained – IT environment and extremely vulnerable security made it impossible to handle increased business. The firm was already maxing out hours with minimal profitability making growth nearly impossible.

It didn’t take long to discover the cause.

The Klik Solutions Tech Ops team used a non-intrusive, secure, industry best tool to perform a technology assessment of the firm’s technology. Where we typically uncover serious issues with most firms, this assessment revealed a long list of potentially business killing issues.

  • A dangerously large amount of missing security patches and updates…the very basic service that is provided by IT Services companies.
  • Active brute force cyber attack in progress with over 25,000 password hack attempts in 24 hours, past the firewall and anti malware – undetected by their IT provider
  • Many former employees still active in the network including active subscriptions. Unnecessary security risks and monthly costs.
  • 3x the amount of data they needed for backup – and 3x the data costs – hidden in network storage due to mistakes by previous providers in backing up data.
  • Over $1million in security risk vulnerabilities from a range of issues including missing antivirus, missing passwords, shared access, exposed client data, and more
  • An unnecessarily large and misconfigured IT infrastructure that was expensive to support, inefficient, and complex.

All of these issues, beyond putting the firm at risk, wasted an incredible amount of time and money while draining profits from every hour billed. Resources that should be allocated to growth.

The Report

At the completion of the tech assessment, the Klik Solutions teams in Baltimore, Amsterdam and Kyiv collaborated in reviewing assessment results and client notes. Over several days they compiled a report that did more than just pointed out issues. It provided an innovative strategy forward to move the firm from market laggard to market leader.

The report included:

  • Critical remediation plan prioritized to address likely catastrophic issues. Fast.
  • Plan to stop the brute force attack immediately and prevent future attacks
  • Risk Assessment Report including monetary damages estimated to be over $1million
  • Technology inventory including hardware, software, antivirus and status
  • Roster of active users with access to the network
  • Support and warranty status of hardware, software, antivirus
  • Recommendations and suggested time frame to address less critical items
  • Value of cost savings and ideas to allocate those savings towards business development
  • A path to better, profitable performance with major reduction in IT costs

The report also included a technology plan that reduced technology footprint over 80%, moved to an innovative cloud solution more advanced than competitors, and exceeded security best practices.

The plan was included as part of the FREE report, something the firm’s previous provider proposed charging over $10,000 to prepare.

How could your firm benefit from discovering your IT?

The client, after experiencing typical poor IT services from multiple firms, naturally had a distrust of IT providers. Most IT companies will offer a “free IT assessment” aimed at selling something instead of looking to deliver in depth validation. The client took advantage of such an offer and  had another IT provider secretly run a free assessment against us.

We more than passed with flying colors. The assessment validated to the client that all of our services were being delivered as promised, and with a level of expertise and client services that the other provider couldn’t demonstrate. 

Here is where our value was validated:

  • Their reports were missing information which our clients had access to regularly, and a clear understanding of that information. Our services were complete, and reports immediately deliverable in real time.
  • The recommendations were cookie cutter, identical to what previous providers pitched. Our expertise had the client light-years ahead of basic IT, without complexity.
  • They tried – and failed – to understand the new cloud technologies we introduced. Solutions our client was using as an incredibly profitable, successful competitive advantage.

As hard as they sold, the provider couldn’t find any holes in our services. However, we were able to reveal the well marketed IT provider to be less than advertised:

  • We showed the client that the provider worked from a server in a house in the country. Not exactly secure or professional. This provider would be a detriment to our client’s clients and likely result in major lost business.
  • Their  “IT team” turned out to be “rent-a-techs”, not employees. The client had zero tolerance or appetite for any tech team that would cause major downtime from lack of response.

It reaffirmed the confidence our Legal IT clients have in Klik.Solutions. That when we do as promised – and more – there’s never a reason to worry.

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“I love that the techs get right to work! And most times a resolve is completed immediately. I’ve always been greeted by someone professional and eager to assist. Austin did a great job and also educated me in the process! can’t beat that. Great job!!”

Margaret – CIO, Law Firm

COVID-19 Update

Klik.Solutions continues to monitor the latest ongoing updates regarding COVID-19 “coronavirus”… 

Klik.Solutions has put our well planned, thoroughly tested internal contingency plans into action, maintaining our high level of client services without impact. 

As of this update, our SLA’s for ticket resolution are holding at 98%. This is considered excellent especially in light of the elevated ticket volume as clients adapt to a mobile workforce.

Essential client projects are also proceeding as planned with no disruption from the Klik team.

We are proud of the efforts of our entire team and are standing by to help you navigate these unprecedented times. Please continue to email for any assistance.

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