Mid-Night Emergency System Restore

Mid-Night Emergency System Restore

  • Firm on site IT accidentally knocked servers offline at 10pm
  • Klik.Solutions engineer on site in under 45 minutes
  • Our senior engineers and vendor support team delicately restored servers by 6am
  • Zero data loss or impact to firm business
  • No additional cost for service as a Klik Managed IT Complete client

Client Profile

A 120 person CPA & Wealth Management firm and Klik.Solutions Managed IT Complete client was in the middle of a full infrastructure refresh. After successful implementation of a new storage technology, the client’s IT manager inadvertently “powered off” rather than “powered down” the new storage appliances while exploring the solution. At 10pm. During tax season.The sudden loss of connection to storage sent the legacy servers in to self-preservation mode, and they too shut down.

The Challenge

Being the middle of corporate tax filing season, there was more than just a sense of urgency to restore the firm. The Klik.Solutions Disaster Recovery strategy would enable the firm to work at less than 100% which would have a ripple effect for days to come. Our goal was to restore the infrastructure to its ideal state before there would be any impact on the firm. The real challenge was to determine what – if any – damage had occurred at the hardware or VM level.

The Solution

Klik engineers in our Baltimore Ops Center and senior infrastructure experts on our Amsterdam team began remote triage within minutes – before the client alerted us. A senior Klik engineer was on site 45 minutes after the alert, and our team quickly determined the health and status of the infrastructure. A vendor engineer was called and on site at 2am to assist in a very delicate, specific system reboot and restore. Following vendor best practices for each vendor in the technology stack and the status of the mid-refresh system, the team collaborated to completely restore the environment by 6am.

The Results

The firm’s IT Manager and leadership were aware of the situation and status of our process through detailed communication. Otherwise, the entire staff was unaware that there was an issue. All systems functioned properly, and all data was restored to pre-event status. As a result, the firm’s business was not impacted in any way – other than some lost sleep by leadership. As for financial impact, there was no additional cost for service by Klik.Solutions to the firm as part of our Managed IT Complete services.

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