Getting Personal with Klik.Solutions

Getting Personal with Klik.Solutions

Meet Bill Pritchard Director of Customer Success

Bill brings a unique, successful background combining customer service and engineering expertise. As a matter of fact, Bill was responsible for creating the role of Director of Customer Success. Prior to joining our team, Bill was a specialist for a global IT consulting firm where he traveled the world on projects primarily in aviation to ensure projects exceeded customer expectations. That attention to the customer and the ability to translate tech into real results are how Bill led outsourced help desk with customers like Google, Toyota, and Goldman Sachs. Bill is the perfect fit to keep our current and future customers more than satisfied.

KS: What gets you excited about IT and working with customers?

BP: I really enjoy working with both sides, meaning the customer side and our operations side. It’s rewarding to see results in such a short period of time and on a consistent basis. Knowing the possibilities to make IT a powerful tool to help customers see new or unique opportunities to grow their business, and then working with our technical folks to make those opportunities a reality is what gets me up in the morning (laughs). It’s really just about building a communication bridge between technical and business. I truly believe that customer success is paramount to our success.  I’m always striving to make the customer experience better each day.

KS: It’s interesting that you’ve managed support for global giants – Google, Toyota, Goldman. What was that experience like?

BP:  Well, for starters, most of our end users were legal teams with really tight deadlines. I was tasked as a Manager to understand what these end users really needed, which were reduced incident response and incident resolution times. Time really is money – a lot of money at that level – so by improving processes to exceed the customers’ requirements saved thousands of dollars per incident. It also allowed them to meet demanding review deadlines making our end users a lot happier. Another neat challenge was making sure all “severity 1 and 2” incidents aggressively worked on and resolved by coordinating multiple engineering teams and across all time zones worldwide. Helping coordinate our Klik teams in the US, Amsterdam, and Ukraine is almost second nature at this point.

KS: You have a pretty interesting background, a very non traditional path to an IT leadership role.

BP:  Actually, my first love is aviation. I grew up flying all around the county in small aircraft which put me around technical and engineering people a lot. So, I started out in aviation, received my Aircraft Mechanics license from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and my Avionics training from Clayton State College alongside Delta mechanics who were transitioning into Avionics. Technology and computers eventually worked hand in hand with Avionics. The transition into IT engineering and infrastructure was just a logical progression. I mean, I’ve traveled the world on engineering teams installing world class Air traffic control communication network switches at major airports like Dallas Fort Worth, and in Croatia, Germany – much of Europe and the US.

KS: Definitely a unique professional background. What are some of the unique things you enjoy in your personal life?

BS: Travel for starters, especially the Caribbean. I also enjoy the outdoors, hiking, kayaking, sailing, skiing, and I still keep in the air flying gliders. If you ask anyone at the office they’ll tell you my first passion is coffee. I admit, I’m a big coffee snob and have been fortunate enough to enjoy some great coffeehouses around the world. But my real love is being a grandfather to eight wonderful young grandchildren – I know, I don’t look that old (laughs)

If you’d like to know more about Bill and how he can help your organization – or just grab a cup of really good coffee – you can reach him via email or calling 888.959.1196

In The Community – Klik Supports Softball Revival in Baltimore

Klik Supports Softball Revival in Baltimore

Klik.Solutions was proud to support the South Baltimore Little League (SBLL) initiative to revive a proud girls’ softball tradition this season. As sponsor of the SBLL Mustangs, we were proud to help our team of 12 little league ladies learn the skills, team building, and joy of the game while helping them build confidence.

“We really view softball as a path to scholarship for so many of these young ladies. The league, coaches, and parents all worked hard to get this organized.”, said Marc Winter, Mustangs coach and Klik.Solutions CMO. “It was absolutely amazing to see the transformation in skill level throughout the season and how much fun the girls all had. We all really look forward to expanding the program next year to include more players, parents, and coaches.”

SBLL Softball was a powerhouse organization into the early 1980’s with many state championships and success stories. The impact on the revitalized South Baltimore community was felt during the 2018 Little League parade as former players lined the streets and cheered the new young ladies with the nostalgic team names – Mustangs, Sluggers, and Rockets.

The softball program for SBLL is open to all girls in Baltimore City ages 5 through 9. For more information please email Marc Winter