What is an MSP

What is MSP

MSP stands for Managed Service Provider. A MSP company normally offers various technology solutions ranging from Help Desk to IT infrastructure management, cloud services, and cybersecurity services.  

When you onboard with an MSP provider, it means you get an MSP partner who you can rely on for monitoring services, advising on new technologies and protecting your business from cyber-attacks.   

Here are some of the unbeatable Benefits of Hiring an MSP Partner

Lower Cost 

Hiring an MSP Managed Service Provider requires way less investment than hiring in-house IT department. That makes it a great choice for small to medium-sized businesses.  

MSP Cloud Solutions 

In today’s world, Cloud became a new must-have. To stay competitive, you need to be able to access your emails, files and other data from anywhere at any time. Cloud also gives a great opportunity for your personnel to seamlessly work from home.  


MSP Security is one of the greatest benefits you get when signing up with a Managed Service Provider. You can relax and be sure that you get all the latest security updates and best security tools available. At Klik Solutions, we partner with best security companies to give you the safest experience possible.  

Expertise of a Chief Technology Officer 

Managed Service Providers has the knowledge of Chief Technology Officer. At Klik Solutions we advise on new technology and new tools that will improve your operations. We provide IT Managed Services on the expert-level.   

MSP Information Technology is a best decision you can make for your business. This decision will keep your IT organized, system issues solved on a spot and security up to date. 

Among all the IT Managed Service Provider companies Baltimore, Klik Solutions is one of the best to provide MSP provider services.  Klik Here for a FREE Proposal.  

IT Assessment – Why Your Organization Needs It

IT Assessment

Have you ever thought about an IT assessment and what is an IT assessment? This organization IT assessment is critical, very similar to the routine Health checkup we all should do regularly. Without it, it’s impossible to find issues early and be able to fix them with minimum losses.  

When we start working with our clients, small and medium sized businesses, we always spend time doing IT infrastructure assessment and IT environment assessment because it’s an essential first step towards providing effective Managed IT services. Right from the beginning, we need to know what has been outstanding, what security issues are present, how things should be prioritized and what would be a long-term goal.  

Here are the steps describing how to do IT assessment: 

  • Inventory Analysis 

We note all the equipment and devices you own or lease. Then, We check their conditions and assess useful life. Finally, we review technology and software status.  

  • Security Check 

We investigate possible breaches and check for ways hackers can get through. We review antivirus software and firewall.   

  • Risk Reports 

We provide risk scoring and identify potential cost due to security risks.  

  • Recommendation Report 

We list all the issues/problems we identified, propose solutions and recommend how to improve your system overall.  

An IT assessment is essential when we begin our work, but it is also critical to do it regularly. When you don’t do a business IT assessment, you risk finding issues when they become big and noticeable, which will result in significant costs and greater damages.  

Schedule your IT assessment company with Klik SolutionsKlik Here for a Proposal. Don’t wait till it’s too late. 

Klik Solutions & Our Partners

Technology Partners

It takes a village to build a successful company. Klik Solutions is constantly growing and improving. We hire only best IT experts, and we partner only with top technology corporations. Together, we are able to provide our clients with the best experience possible. We focus on quality and innovative technologies.  

Klik Solutions partners with a number of technology companies that specialize in different subject matters. Today, we will tell you about some of them, in particular, Sophos, Zadara, Molnii and Microsoft.  

Sophos Partner Maryland 

Sophos partner Baltimore provides exceptional expertise in cybersecurity. Security Partner of Sophos keeps us up to date will all innovations in the field, so we are able to provide best security possible to our clients.  

Zadara partner  

Zadara keeps us current with the latest Cloud and storage innovations. With Zadara’s expertise, we can customize any storage solution for any client providing the best technology available.  

Molnii partner  

Molnii provides us with more than 25 years of data center experience needed to provide unique solutions to our wide range of clients. They have proficiency needed to solve most complex technology challenges businesses could face.  

Microsoft Silver partner 

Microsoft has a sophisticated portfolio of solutions that make workflow effective and decision making easy. They provide Office Apps, Cloud services and world-class security. What else is needed to run a successful operation?!  

Klik Solutions partners with Sophos, Zadara, Molnii and Microsoft to give our clients the best value, premium expertise and the most innovative technologies in the field. With our knowledge combined, we can reach any clients’ goals with minimum number of steps.   

Klik Solutions is committed to providing best experience to our clients. We focus on personalized IT solutions including cybersecurity, storage, data centers and Office apps. We have all the resources to help any business grow and succeed – Get a Proposal Now or call us at +1 (888)959-1196. You can also send us a message at info@klik.solutions. We know how to help!  

Why Outsourcing your IT is better for your business

Outsourcing IT

Let’s say, you are at the point when you want to set up an IT department for your business and thinking between outsourcing or having it in-house. We will try to make this choice easier for you by sharing the benefits of outsourcing and demonstrating it’s a better option overall.  

Cost effectiveness 

Whenever you outsource IT for your business, you cut costs related to hiring, training and high salaries. Outsourced IT will always be at a lower cost which is fixed and stable. The IT provider will handle all the training needed and will be responsible for system administration to make sure your network is safe and secured.   

More time to focus on core goals 

Ask yourself this: “Is IT your core product or service?” If your answer is no, then it would make better sense to outsource it. With reduced costs and risks, you can focus more on growing your business. As an alternative, you can outsource part of your IT department and have in-house IT staff target internal projects. Klik Solutions, IT Outsourcing Baltimore, can help you with that!  

Hiring experts and paying less  

IT Outsourcing companies Baltimore know how to build an effective IT team. Forget about wasting time on looking for right people, training and risk of losing them. Instead, you can focus on your business while we handle all the work related to IT personnel. We will make sure you get the best professionals in IT field and don’t overpay.  

Staying competitive and efficient 

For small businesses, it is hard to compete with big companies in terms of IT. Big companies have a lot of resources and can afford a fully-staffed and devoted in-house IT department. Outsourcing levels the playing field. Your business will have all the technology, software and manpower with less cost and investment. Outsourcing your IT will help to scale up your business. 

Being always up to date with software and hardware 

Whenever there is new updated software or hardware, with in-house IT, it could take weeks or months to implement it. When you hire IT outsourcing firm, this process takes very little time. Your IT team will inform you about updates, providing benefits and costs. After getting your approval, the changes will be instantly implemented, and your people trained. All you have to do is relax and focus on your core services or products while your outsourced IT team does the job. 

Increased Security 

With outsourced IT support Baltimore, you get the best technology, the best people, what else can you get? Well, you can also get the best security. Klik Solutions is not only an expert in Managed IT Services, but also provides Security Expertise. We do our best to keep your data safe. 

These are just some of the benefits you can get when you hire outsourcing service provider. We hope this will help in your decision making. If you have any questions, give us a call +1(888)959-1196 or send us an email at info@klik.solutions. We specialize in Managed IT Outsourcing Services Baltimore, Cloud Expertise, Cyber Security Services, Outsourced Help Desk Baltimore. 

KLIK Solutions is IT Outsourcing Provider Baltimore. We know how to save your business money. By hiring us, we will lower your IT outsourcing cost Baltimore, so you can use that money to grow your business.

Baltimore IT Support

Baltimore IT Support

Managed IT Service Provider in the heart of Baltimore

Klik Solutions is located in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland. We are committed to offer fully managed IT support to businesses in Baltimore and Washington DC metro area. Klik Solutions is dedicated to provide an amazing IT experience your company deserves.

Fully Managed IT Support in Baltimore

We offer a wide range of managed IT support services. If you need to outsource a Service Desk, or look for a 24/7 IT Help Desk, Klik Solutions got you covered. Our services portfolio includes Full Managed IT Services, Cloud Services, and Cyber Security Services. All of them are affordable and tailored to meet your unique business requirements. Our Baltimore IT Support team is committed to give the best IT experience your business can get.  

Klik Solutions Baltimore IT Support Team

Klik Solutions started in Baltimore, Maryland back in 2012. Since the beginning, we focused on providing businesses with IT experience they can trust and afford. We invest in our people by hiring the best and the brightest IT specialists, technical support gurus, and cybersecurity experts. Our team is formed of devoted professionals you can rely on. We are here to help your business grow! Get a Quote Now [Button to Action] to start an Amazing IT experience you deserve! You can also call us at 888.959.1196 or send us a message at info@klik.solutions