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An Exceptional Managed Cloud Experience

Your organization already leverages the cloud to advance business in some fashion. Email, business applications such as organization management, HR, finance, sales and others are typical cloud examples. Klik.Solutions has set a new benchmark for how organizations experience the cloud. As a master Cloud Services Provider, we’ve combined an uncommon mastery of cloud expertise, end user support, and detailed application knowledge for a cloud experience distinctly crafted to fit your organization.

How Does the Cloud Benefit Your Organization?

Organizations leverage technology to improve performance & client experience. When implemented properly, the cloud offers amazing convenience, efficiency, and performance. Klik.Solutions Managed Cloud Services ensure your organization maximizes the benefits of all the cloud has to offer:


Helping You Understand the Cloud

cloud user experience

User Experience

There are many factors to user experience in the cloud. Some applications are too data rich for a positive experience. Cloud versions of applications render differently than users are accustomed to. A little latency feels like a lifetime. All of these factors leave users frustrated, less productive. Klik.Solutions Managed Cloud Services gives you cloud experts who understand the capabilities of cloud applications and how to manage change for your people, ensuring a smooth transition to the cloud.

Cost vs Convenience

Cost is typically a driving factor when moving to the cloud. The cost of the cloud is similar to that of an on premises environment when storage, support, and connectivity are considered. The true value of moving to the cloud is in the benefits. Better productivity from better access to applications. Latest & greatest versions of applications, security, and infrastructure. Simple scalability. Greater availability. All empower your organization to be more productive in less time.

cost and convenience
cloud performance


Applications have different performance requirements when being delivered as a cloud solution. Optimized performance is dependent upon connectivity. As your trusted Managed Cloud Service Provider, Klik.Solutions understands the ideal requirements to maximize application performance. From proper sizing of resources to optimizing delivery through connectivity, we’ll create an end to end cloud solution enabling your organization to take advantage of the cloud.

Simplify Complexity

The cloud is more complex than simply moving your data from on premises to the cloud. Data storage needs to be properly provisioned and – where possible – tiered to give you the most cost effective solution. Compute power, data security & compliance, connectivity are critical to an ideal experience. And understanding the mysterious monthly invoices from popular cloud platforms requires an experienced team to ensure you pay what your supposed to. Klik.Solutions is the Cloud Services Provider that has your all covered.

Simplify Complexity with Cloud Services

Schedule a FREE Cloud Strategy Session

Subscribing to cloud services is easy. Deploying the right cloud solutions, maximizing the performance & cost benefits, and ensuring your IT environment integrates seamlessly is more complex. Klik.Solutions Managed Cloud delivers a complete team to expertly guide your organization through the right mix of cloud solutions for current and future requirements. We are adept at strategy, sizing, trends, and understanding which of your application requirements are best suited to the cloud.

Klik.Solutions Cloud Expertise Makes Maximizing the Cloud Simple. A 15 Minute Executive Session includes:

  • Valuable, 3rd party Insight into your IT
  • Validation with a FREE IT Assessment & Report
  • $100 Donation to Boys & Girls Clubs on your behalf
  • Zero obligation

Klik.Solutions Managed Cloud Services

Klik.Solutions is more than just a Managed Cloud Services Provider. Our global cloud architects designed and built our own Molnii Cloud platform. Managed and supported 24×7 by our global tech support teams, you organization, people and clients benefit from a seamless cloud experience.

cloud strategy

Our cloud experts design & size the right strategy for your organization. Private, public, hybird & multi cloud solutions seamlessly integrated. Application guidance to ensure hosting in the ideal technology environment.

Office 365

Application, subscription & user management of Office 365 tools including Outlook, SharePoint, and more. Services include Office 365 migration to your detailed specifications.


Application, subscription & user management of your business line applications. Whether hosted in the Molnii Cloud, other platforms, or app vendor hosted, we’ll ensure the optimal cloud experience for your organization.

Data backup

A critical element to data protection. Our cloud team leverages multiple solutions tailored to your compliance & organizational requirements. Managed & supported 24x7.


Take advantage of a more secure, better performing infrastructure without the overhead. Cloud data centers consistently upgrade & refresh infrastructure, deploy compliant security, and make your data more available at a fraction of the cost of on premises.


There is a cost for every space you need for data. Our cloud storage solutions enables our experts to create a “tiered” storage approach to reduce storage costs considerably while protecting your data.


Moving the cloud means managing change. How applications look & perform to end users, and adapting to consistent improvements require a personable, expert tech support team. We make the benefits of the cloud simple for your people.

Cloud Platforms

Testimonials & Case Studies

Steve - IT Manager, Law Firm
"You guys make my life so much easier. Migrated our integrated email to 365 with no issue. Found new equipment solutions that were lower cost options that do more for what we need and installed faster than we expected. I’ll highly recommend klik!"
Case Study
Case Study
A Klik.Solutions Managed IT Complete construction client was experiencing growth at the same time as their servers were end of life. While working with the client on a cloud strategy - including significant TCO savings - their servers crashed, leaving the client with a choice. Rebuild or move forward. The Klik support and cloud teams went into emergency mode, improvising on the client’s disaster recovery strategy. Within hours, the client was working in a DR environment in the Molnii Cloud. Then, the Klik Cloud Engineering Team worked with the client’s application vendors to size an ideal cloud environment to support applications, configure to integrate seamlessly, and even improve user experience. Our cloud team moved the client to a full cloud environment within 72 hours of the crash with minimal impact to business.

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“I love that the techs get right to work! And most times a resolve is completed immediately. I’ve always been greeted by someone professional and eager to assist. Austin did a great job and also educated me in the process! can’t beat that. Great job!!”

Margaret – CIO, Law Firm

COVID-19 Update

Klik.Solutions continues to monitor the latest ongoing updates regarding COVID-19 “coronavirus”… 

Klik.Solutions has put our well planned, thoroughly tested internal contingency plans into action, maintaining our high level of client services without impact. 

As of this update, our SLA’s for ticket resolution are holding at 98%. This is considered excellent especially in light of the elevated ticket volume as clients adapt to a mobile workforce.

Essential client projects are also proceeding as planned with no disruption from the Klik team.

We are proud of the efforts of our entire team and are standing by to help you navigate these unprecedented times. Please continue to email for any assistance.

For more information contact or call 888.959.1196.

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