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More than just a cloud services provider

Cloud empowers your organization to do more with data than ever before. Klik.Solutions is the ideal cloud services partner to transform your vision of the cloud into reality. Uniquely constructed, our cloud services team is led by global enterprise cloud engineers, application experts, and advanced cloud support team. Enterprise level cloud solutions & boutique personal support for any organization.

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Klik.Solutions is your complete cloud services partner

IT leaders manage people, technology, and vendors while working to realize their strategic vision. Cloud is an additional, more complex element of that vision. Our managed cloud services engineering team designed, built and manages our own successful Molnii cloud for a wide range of clients. Like our own cloud business, we take a holistic approach to your entire organization. Beyond technology, we focus on seamless integration of cloud, technology and end users for a positive cloud experience for all.

Cloud Strategy Session

Planning a cloud initiative but have questions? Let’s schedule a FREE 15 minute Cloud Strategy Session for a more successful transition. We’ll provide experienced guidance about which applications may not be a good fit for the cloud, proper storage provisioning, connectivity challenges, data tiering, security & more. Connect with us to learn more.

Involved pupils. Smiling young pupils feeling extremely cheerful and involved in cleaning up the forest and volunteering

Solving the complex challenges of the cloud journey

See your vision of the cloud. Our cloud architects work with you to design the ideal cloud solution for your specific requirements. Starting by understanding your goals – and if a cloud solution is ideal for your desired outcomes – we design a scalable cloud solution based on security, performance & end user experience.

  • Public cloud solutions
  • Private cloud solutions
  • Multi cloud & multi vendor solutions

The cloud simply executed. Our cloud engineers, infrastructure & applications expertise ensures cloud implementation is as seamless as you can imagine. One of the more complex portions of leveraging the cloud, our entire tech team understands the challenges of implementing a cloud solution and the details required for a smooth migration process.

  • Accurate storage provisioning
  • Ideal resources for your applications
  • Application configuration
  • Proper data sync using latest tools
  • Seamless access & availability

Security is a concern for your organization, especially when talking about the cloud. If the infrastructure is off prem, it feels like a lack of control. Our cloud solutions include total end to end security to protect in transit and at rest. Whether your users are in the office or mobile, our cloud security experts take a holistic, layered approach to protecting data. 

  • Full data encryption 256 bit and above
  • Access controls such as dual factor authentication for users
  • Secure single sign on for multi cloud solutions
  • Managed antivirus & anti malware tools

HIPAA, SOX, FINRA, PCI, FedRAMP and more. Klik.Solutions cloud services leverage data center solutions that satisfy most compliance guidelines for your organization. Our data security experts go further to help you achieve compliance with policy development and enforcement support. Plus, we run 3rd party security assessments and penetration tests on our own environment. Compliance guidelines include:

  • SOX
  • FedRAMP
  • Plus other industry specific compliance rules

Your cloud environment is an extension of – or replacement for – your on prem environment. Your hosted solution demands the same management for optimization, patches & updates, provisioning and more. Klik.Solutions delivers the same innovative management tools to your cloud 24×7.

  • Managed network
  • Managed servers
  • Managed application support
  • Managed antivirus & anti malware
  • Managed connectivity
  • Backup management

IT support for cloud is an extension of your team and a natural part of our tech support expertise. Our techs and cloud engineers are available 24×7 to resolve end user application tickets and critical infrastructure issues. A boutique level of white glove support for your enterprise level cloud solutions.

Change is a challenge. Moving to the cloud typically means a change in applications. Functions, access, latency are all reasons for end users to submit tickets. Our cloud engineers and IT support team ease the end user transition to cloud, working through change for a positive experience.

The cost benefit of moving to the cloud demands a keen eye on costs. Our managed cloud services work with you to realize the ideal cost benefit from your cloud solution. We also know where the hidden costs are from various cloud and application providers to help you make confident budgeting decisions. 

  • Properly provision data storage
  • Manage application subscriptions
  • Monitor active user accounts for accurate per user billing
  • Manage resource allocation 

Managed Cloud Services we provide


Application Hosting & Managed Application Support


Hosted infrastructure & Colocation


Office 365 Management


Office 365 Migrations


Backup & Disaster Recovery


Tiered Data Storage Solutions

Cloud Agnostic for Limitless Solutions

IT leaders and organizations are invested in or comfortable with certain technology brands. The only factor in your existing technology that should affect a cloud strategy is age. The Klik.Solutions Managed Cloud Services team is technology and cloud agnostic. IT support team is adept at working with most technologies and cloud integrations.

Testimonials & Case Studies

Mike, President, Video Production Company
Roman has been an absolute Superstar through the migration process and especially throughout the morning getting us back to full strength. I can't begin to express how knowledgEAble and immersed he has been in the project. It just cements my view that we made the right choice in moving everything to Klik.Solutions. I look forward to a long relationship between our two companies.
Case Study
A Klik.Solutions Managed IT Complete construction client was experiencing growth at the same time as their servers were end of life. While working with the client on a cloud strategy - including significant TCO savings - their servers crashed, leaving the client with a choice. Rebuild or move forward. The Klik support and cloud teams went into emergency mode, improvising on the client’s disaster recovery strategy. Within hours, the client was working in a DR environment in the Molnii Cloud. Then, the Klik Cloud Engineering Team worked with the client’s application vendors to size an ideal cloud environment to support applications, configure to integrate seamlessly, and even improve user experience. Our cloud team moved the client to a full cloud environment within 72 hours of the crash with minimal impact to business.
Andrew, Senior Network Manager, National Association
"Frank and the cloud engineering team really know their stuff. They moved us from AWS to a hosted Molnii environment without a hitch. The performance improvements are awesome, and we know what our bill is every month now. Thank the Amsterdam crew for us!"

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