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For a better cloud experience and better business outcomes, we simply built a better cloud.

Your expert path to the cloud.

Klik.Solutions built our own Molnii cloud to compliment our cloud agnostic approach to your business. Molnii cloud engineers combined decades of global infrastructure expertise to build a technologically advanced cloud platform. Then, we incorporated our unique model of amazing support to ensure you get the best experience from Molnii, Google, Azure, AWS and more!

The Molnii Cloud Benefits


Latest technology built within fully secure data centers, for your overall compliance requirements and mandates.


Solution design, data tiering, and migration strategies for ideal cost saving and amazing performance.


Predictable costs, reliable performance, and full support just a simple klik away. It’s never been easier.

Support & SLA’s

Unlimited 24×7 “white glove” support and 99.9999% uptime SLA’s guaranteed are all included.

The Molnii Cloud Network

Do you put your spare house key on the same key ring as the main key? Then why keep your backup data next to the originals? Klik.Solutions built our business on backup, so benefit from our expertise. No setup fees or hidden charges. Just world class data backup and DR backed by industry leading SLA’s.


Veeam Backup
Veeam Disaster Recovery
Cloud Connect as low as $100/mo per TB

Molnii Backup

Molnii backup delivers amazingly fast, secure off site data backup for small business without the need for third party software or on prem appliances.

Cloud Storage

Think of storage like real estate. You need to plan for data storage and purchase enough storage to hold it all. In the meantime, you’re paying for space that might be used. Klik.Solutions flips that model to a complete consumption model so you only pay for what you use each month.

S3 Simple.Storage.Solution.

S3 technology is in most of today’s backup software and solutions to allow your business to store archived data off site for a fraction of the cost.. makes S3 simple, affordable, and predictable by including unlimited transfers, white glove support and 99.99999% SLA’s all for one low monthly per GB cost.

ClearSky Storage-as-a-Service

Klik is known for bringing new technologies to business. That’s why we’ve invested in the ClearSky hybrid solution. ClearSky provides self protecting encrypted storage, real time data backup, and “RPO Zero” disaster recovery all for one low cost per GB per month. Pay for only what you use and eliminate backup & DR costs. Ideal solution for greater than 20TB of data.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 provides the right solutions for any size business. Starting with email and moving towards full scale Microsoft suites of services, Klik will size the right package for you and provide subscriptions for any size business. Plus, we are experts at MS365 migrations to your specifications.

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