Cost Benefit of Co Managed IT

For IT Pros: The Cost Benefit of Co Managed IT

There is a tremendous value to organizations with internal IT resources to leverage an MSP. Yet many organizations simply get stuck on a monthly number of a combined internal and outsourced IT team as being too expensive. Let’s take a closer look to show you how cost effective a hybrid team can be.

Your Mission to Advance IT

Let’s start with your in house IT investment. The role of internal IT is typically to create and implement the strategies your organization needs for growth. Technology enables your organization to be more agile, more efficient, more profitable. 

However, if a senior level IT employee is spending more time doing the daily tasks of a junior level person – or even an outsourced resource – then that devalues your investment in two ways. First, your senior IT employee is spending valuable time performing basic tasks rather than continuing to focus on implementing the organizational vision of technology. Secondly, you’re paying a high level IT salary to an IT employee that you’ve put in a position to do the work of a much lower salaried employee. 

The numbers work like this. The low end market value for a senior IT person is about $80,000 per year. A junior level IT person is paid  on average $40,000 per year. So, for every hour your senior IT person spends doing junior level work it costs you double the value of those tasks. That is also one hour less that your senior IT person is working at performing their primary tasks. What are those primary tasks? Making your business more profitable, perform better, and service clients more effectively. 

Outsourced IT Services Make Sense

Organizations with a more senior level IT team are relying more and more on MSP’s to perform those junior level – yet critical – routine tasks. But there are more hidden cost benefits when working with the right MSP.

An MSP like Klik.Solutions has invested more in complex automated tools for monitoring, alerting, management, and optimization than a single organization will typically spend. And we have a true 24×7 team of qualified techs in place to respond to any issues – planned or unplanned. This is a real advantage over hiring one internal help desk person and using basic level tools.

Your organization also benefits from a complete team of IT experts including IT leaders, project managers, senior engineers, and amazing help desk techs. A tremendous resource available to your senior IT leadership to lend experience and technical hands for the improvements your organization hired them to lead. 

So, for less than the cost of bringing on junior resources, your organization has the added value of a full complement of expertise and tools to support your investment in senior IT leadership. 

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