5 Industries that need an IT Plan

5 Industries that need an IT Plan

Nowadays, nobody will dispute the great importance of technology in overall business success and competitiveness. With the rapid shift to working online, some companies underestimated the role of IT support. A properly organized and managed IT infrastructure alongside tailored software solutions is essential for all organizations. Still, technology is more vital to some economic sectors.

You’ve been hacked! What now?

You've been hacked! What you should do next

Getting hacked is a nightmare scenario that will leave you pulling your hair out. Sometimes, victims are not even aware that they’ve been hacked and this adds an extra layer of anxiety. When you’ve noticed a hint of evidence of suspicious activity with your accounts, don’t waste time and take control of the situation immediately.

Nine Cybersecurity terms businesses should know

9 cybersecurity terms you should know

As a business owner, you are focused on growing your business— from customer service, products, customer services, etc. You aren’t worried about your cybersecurity or your data! But don’t forget about your cybersecurity because it might bite you in the back in the future. A cybersecurity breach can lead to fatal consequences for small and

10 SLA mistakes that IT leaders should avoid

10 SLA mistakes the IT leaders should avoid.

As businesses increasingly look for cost optimization, many executives consider outsourcing some functions as an effective method of cutting costs. Once the organization signed up with an outsourcing agreement, there is no way to determine the quality of service without a Service Level Agreement or SLA. This service contract component provides specific and measurable aspects

Five ways to maximize Microsoft Outlook

Maximize Microsoft Outlook

We can’t be sure how many people across the globe start their day with coffee, but for over 1,1 billion users, the beginning of the day begins with Microsoft Outlook. It is the world’s most popular collaboration and productivity platform. But at the same time, a few people use all the available features and benefits

How Technology is helping with Covid-19 vaccine distribution

How technology can help with Covid 19 Vaccines

The COVID-19 vaccine is here. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but we can’t rest easy yet. We still have to secure a safe and equitable vaccine distribution and track the whole process. Luckily it’s not 1918, and modern Technology plays an essential role in accelerating vaccination and restoring the

Avoid leaking your credentials to the Dark web

7 ways to avoid leaking your credentials to the dark web

DarkMarket is the world’s largest illegal marketplace on the Dark Web. Over 500,000 users regularly visited it, and it was known to have counterfeit money, stolen credit card detail, anonymous sim-cards, and malware trade. The good news is that it was recently taken down in an international operation involving Germany, Australia, Denmark, Ukraine, the UK,

5 cybersecurity mistakes to avoid in 2021

5 cybersecurity mistakes

The pandemic has forced us to transform the way we work, and 2021 is no different. With the boost of digital transformation and remote workplaces operating via cloud-based platforms, cybersecurity threats rapidly increased. Making cybersecurity a top priority for businesses. In 2020, 95% of cybersecurity breaches were mistakes made by individuals within the company. In

Trending Cloud Solutions for 2021

Trending Cloud Solutions for 2021

2020 was difficult for many of us and as we progress through 2021, all of us will have to accommodate fundamental changes – both temporary and permanent – and no trend is more relevant than the cloud. Cloud technology is the backbone of the data-driven, app-based tech ecosystem that has become been vital in modern

The death of Adobe Flash: What does it mean for you?

Adobe Flash

What was once a popular tool to create games is now gone. Adobe Flash Player has reached its end last January 1st, 2021. The company first revealed its plans to drop support for Flash in 2017. While Adobe won’t start blocking Flash content until January 12th, significant browsers shut it all down starting on January