Women in IT: The reality of the XXI Century

Despite all the progress that has been made by women during the last century, unfortunately, things do not look so optimistic when it comes to the tech industry. It is fair to say that careers in various STEM areas, including IT, have not been very welcoming to women. Even in the modern digital era, there

Top 7 Soft Skills for Successful IT Specialists

Top 7 Soft Skills for Successful IT Specialists

IT is no longer a solely tech-related area. With the boost of the digital transformation software development companies transform into providers of complex solutions and services which help to address business needs using cutting-edge technologies. IT specialists nowadays can’t rely solely on technical knowledge. Some of the most important skills contributing to a successful IT

In the loop: What is Business Analytics

What is Business Analytics

What is Business Analysis as a discipline and why is it important to rely on professional business analysts when it comes to a better customer experience? Dive deep into this topic with Bill Pritchard, Director for Customer Success at Klik Solutions. Q: What is a Business Analyst? A Business Analyst is someone who combines analytics

Brief Explainer: What is NIST Compliance

Brief Explainer: What is NIST compliance?

Have you ever heard of NIST? It stands for the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which is a non-regulatory government agency that develops technology, metrics, and standards to drive innovation and economic competitiveness at U.S.-based organizations in the science and technology industry. Among other things, NIST produces standards and guidelines to help federal agencies

All you need to know about a Supply Chain Attack

All you need to know about a Supply Chain Attack

The term “supply chain attack” has been in the hackers’ toolbox for a while. But recently, This attack was front and center when an attack on SolarWinds affecting at least 18,000 customers and vendors, and more recently, the attack on USAID. Wikipedia describes a supply chain attack as a cyber-attack that aims to damage an

Five Cybersecurity Trends in 2021

Cybersecurity Trends for 2021

Cybersecurity is probably the hottest topic of modern time. Businesses and individuals are both doing their best to prevent sensitive data leaks and mitigate potential risks. Gartner recently named cybersecurity and regulatory compliance the top two biggest concerns of corporate boards. Actual cybersecurity trends to focus on include the expanding cyber-attack surface, increased usage of ransomware

The Secret to Scaling your Business with Technology

Scaling your business with technology

Technology and innovations have always played a significant role in delivering better customer and employee experiences in the overall business success. The new reality created by the challenges of 2020 made us think even more about how IT solutions can help in the continuity of a business process. According to Forbes, nowadays, nearly 77% of

5 reasons why you need an IT Assessment

why you need an IT assessment

What is an IT assessment, and why should every company consider it essential? It is a comprehensive review of all organization’s existing IT infrastructure, security protocols, management, and performance. A review of your IT allows you to identify strengths, weaknesses and make strategic business decisions based on facts rather than assumptions. By being proactive, problems

5 Industries that need an IT Plan

5 Industries that need an IT Plan

Nowadays, nobody will dispute the great importance of technology in overall business success and competitiveness. With the rapid shift to working online, some companies underestimated the role of IT support. A properly organized and managed IT infrastructure alongside tailored software solutions is essential for all organizations. Still, technology is more vital to some economic sectors.

5 Critical IT Policies to implement

5 IT Policies to implement

The world has changed dramatically during the last year. A lot of businesses switched to remote work, organizations started to migrate more to the cloud and so much more. The sudden move to a more digital workplace requires us to keep a sharp eye on cybersecurity. That’s why your business should have IT policies in

Protect your businessSee NIST's latest tips on dealing with ransomware

With cyberattacks on the rise, your business should be updated on what are the latest trends with security