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5g mobile network, will it change IT security?

5g mobile networks

Progress does not stay still. Mobile technologies get more and more advanced. Some of us can still remember the 1G network with only voice capability, and now we are entering the 5G era that is going to digitalize the world.   What is 5G?  5G is a new generation mobile network. Many people talk about speed and how fast it is, but it is way

How the financial industry is vulnerable to cyber attacks

Financial Cyber Attacks

The financial industry is a very attractive target for cyberattacks. As of today, we know a couple of extremely “successful” International attacks. For example, in 2016, a hacker attack cost Bangladesh’s Central Bank $100 million. The same year, the Russian Central Bank lost $31 million. Since then, cybersecurity concerns are just growing and hackers’ interest is increasing. With the increased threat, the need for better cybersecurity became critical.  Cyberattacks can be damaging in many ways:  1. Damage can be as much as half of

5 Tips how you can protect yourself from cyber attacks

cyber attackes

Everyone is a target for it cyber attackers. According to CNBC Cyberattacks can cost $200,000 on average. They’ll always be there and it’s best to be prepared. 1. The devil is in the details! One of the most popular ways that cyber attackers get to you are emails. Always double check the sender of the