IT Support Designed for Better Patient Care.

Healthcare technology is a complex requirement for healthcare practices of all sizes and types. The demands of technology on physicians and healthcare teams impact the time and resources available to spend with patient care. Klik.Solutions Health IT Services are tailored to your practice, easing the burden of cost, complexity & compliance for you and your team.

Aligning IT With Your Practice Goals

Technology should be a benefit, an asset for your practice. Klik.Solutions Health IT aligns technology with your people so you can focus on your practice.

Improved workflows relieves pressure on physicians & staff

Free more time to spend caring for patients

Accept new patients & alleviate overextended patient load

Greatly reduce stress & burnout

Improve quality of patient care & billing

a new standard in health

A New Standard in Health IT Services

Patient care is already complex without the burden of technology. Klik.Solutions Health IT Services start with the unique needs of healthcare practices. We then crafted an IT Support system that transforms healthcare technology into a holistic tool for patient care – and physician care. This scalable, flexible approach to delivering IT services & support is easily tailored to your practice and people. You get the benefits of shared best practices experience and acute knowledge of how you and your team operate.

Health IT Consulting & Planning

How do you see the future of your practice? Expand? Merge? Retire? These are all critical to the strategy you implement going forward, the investments that you budget for, and protect the investments you’ve already made. Klik.Solutions Health IT Consulting provides strategy and guidance based on the unique shared experiences of our healthcare clients. We’ll set you on the right path and keep you moving towards your practice goals.

health it consulting and planning

Health IT Services

Government regulations, HIPAA compliance, interoperability, managing growing patient data from PGHD, data security. These are just a few of the complexities that take time away from your ideal focus – providing excellent patient care. Klik.Solutions integrates into your practice organizational chart as your internal health IT team giving you a full staff of IT expertise to simplify the complexities of technology requirements.

Proactive & preventative care for your technology and your people so you can spend more time providing patient care. Klik.Solutions Managed Health IT Services are designed to keep your technology within HIPAA, HITECH and other compliance regulations, improve your ability to achieve better patient outcomes, and reduce overall IT costs. Services include:

  • 24x7 IT Support Team by experienced Health IT tech support staff
  • 24x7 technology optimization including compliant security patches & updates
  • Technology life cycle management for compliance & cost savings
  • License & subscription management for security & cost savings

EHR & Practice Application Expertise

Klik.Solutions Health IT has broad expertise in guiding practices of all sizes and types through complex IT applications. We’ll integrate and support applications tailored to you and your team so you can care for patients more efficiently and effectively. We support most network and mobile applications including:


Dr. Stephen A. - Managing Partner, Medical Group
“We were aware for some time that our previous provider was unable to grow with us. Roman and your technical staff really impressed my staff with your know how. The feedback has been excellent.”
Ina - Practice Administrator, OBGYN
“Thank you so much for helping us with our (Medicare) audit. I thought it would be so expensive to do everything we needed to do. Dave and Eve made it so easy.”

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