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In the middle of the night…

In the middle of a months-long full infrastructure refresh, the IT director at a large financial firm accidentally powered “off” a brand new hyperconverged storage array instead of properly powering “down” the device. At 11pm on a weeknight.

The client’s legacy IBM servers interpreted the sudden disconnect to storage as catastrophic failure, so the servers shut down in self preservation. Network…down. The ops team recognized the outage and severity before the client and immediately went to work on this complex situation. Our infrastructure engineers in Amsterdam were in the network remotely within minutes, while our CEO and Director of Technical Operations were on site within 30 minutes of the alerts. Klik support engaged IBM who dispatched an engineer at 2am to assist. The collaborative effort was able to carefully bring the network back up in sync and ensure data recovery. The entire event was completed by 7a – and the firm’s employees arrived to a fully functional office as if nothing ever happened.

Enabling Client Business

A large credit clearing house won a contract with a global bank, and needed to add to their infrastructure. When the delivery date for the critical server on order was pushed back well beyond the project start date, the client risked losing this and future projects.

Realizing the business impact of missing the project start date, the team repurposed a live server from our Molnii cloud as a loaner device. We quickly decommissioned a properly sized server from our cloud, configured to the client specifications, and installed on the client site in time for their project to begin as promised. As a valued Managed Services client, we performed this extraordinary work as part of our Complete service – no additional cost, including moving the server back to Molnii once the client server arrived.

Our success depends on our clients’ success

When one of the largest cities in the country tabbed a construction client to manage a large municipal project, keeping their technology up to task is naturally what we do.

But, when the client’s marketing resource was unable to help get the bid requirements met in time, we were there to help. Our Chief Marketing Officer led the marketing team to create and manage the bidding process, ensuring the client was able to win the opportunity and execute. It was well beyond the scope of IT, but the project was something a great client needed to grow their business. Oh, and we were happy to provide the service at no additional cost.

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