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Integrating technology and your organization goes beyond technical knowledge. To truly transform your organization, it takes a team of technical and non technical leadership working in tandem with your people. With Klik.Solutions, you benefit from unbiased technology, security, cloud, and business experts working as one to deliver comprehensive solutions distinctly created for your business. 

IT Consulting Reimagined

Klik.Solutions. IT Consulting Reimagined.

Klik reimagined IT Consulting Services beyond the latest features, benefits, cost savings and intricacies of technology. Our IT Consulting sets a new standard with a collaborative approach learning from the entirety of our team expertise and shared client experiences. You benefit from our ability to capture the details of unique interactions between people and technology.​

Comprehensive Consulting Services

Unbiased technology, security & cloud experts deliver comprehensive solutions distinctly created for your business. Our information technology consultants have created successful IT Consulting firms, designed complex IT infrastructures, built data centers, and supported offices of all sizes. The outcome is a distinctive IT Strategy that is the sum of advanced, specialized technologies balanced with your people to empower consistent growth for your organization.

Comprehensive Consulting Services

Complete IT Consulting Services

  • IT Bugdet​
  • Applications & Development​
  • Risk Assessmnets & Risk Management
  • Project Management
  • Compliance
  • System Design and Architecture
  • Networking
  • Security Assessments
  • Technology testing & Recomendation
  • VCIO/CTO Consulting
  • Cloud Strategy​
  • IT Assessments
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Skype
  • Communications, Carrier & Print Services

Testimonials & Case Studies

Steve - Controller, National General Contractor
"I have been involved in a lot of transitions over the years. This wasn’t as complex as some but it has been one of the better ones if not the best. Dave did his usual level of support and everyone is loving life right now. We should see a jump in productivity with the systems running like they are now."
Mark - CIO Advisor to Accounting Firm
"Vlad, thank you! We’ve certainly been overjoyed with the positive changes we’ve seen here and the great support you all have been providing. I look forward to continuing our collaborations."
Case Study
Case Study
Technology & Security Update

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