Dave Zimmerman
Technical Services Manager

“I worked with other MSPs, but their “Corporate Values” did not match my values, until I found Kilk Solutions.  Here I’m encouraged to work with my peers & leadership to grow and shape the company by building my team to help provide the best support possible for our clients.”

As Technical Services Manager, Dave brings an incredible amount of experience to our technical team and clients. Starting as an entrepreneur, and working with higher profile MSP’s, he moved to IT leadership at the Baltimore Zoo prior to joining Klik.Solutions. Dave’s unique shared experiences with clients of all sizes, budgets, and requirements as well as a lifelong passion for connecting people with technology benefit all of our clients. Hooked on computers from an early age, Dave immersed himself in servers & networking in high school. One of his most heartfelt accomplishments was receiving high recognition for his volunteer experience teaching seniors to use computers at the local Senior Citizen Action Center. Dave has an Associates Degree from Pennsylvania College of Technology and is certified in Microsoft, CompTIA A+, Net+, and in a broad range of solutions we support.

A Baltimore resident, Dave enjoys spending time with his dog & husband, working on remodeling their home, and relaxing with his neighborhood family.