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What is a Klik.Solutions Assessment?

The Klik.Solutions IT Assessment is a broad view of your current technology status. We work with you to find out what you really need for your IT to deliver the business outcomes you’re looking for, then take a look at your current IT environment in relation to those challenges.

Finally, we’ll make recommendations for how you could move forward to meet – and exceed – your business goals. Remember, this is just a “30,000 foot view” of your business and technology. If you decide to work with Klik.Solutions, our onboarding process takes a deeper, more holistic view of your IT – all included in our service.

Identified a brute force attack in progress.

Hackers already past the firewall and antivirus software were attempting to break into the network thousands of times per day.

Expired support for critical infrastructure.

If any of this hardware crashed, the client would need to pay tens of thousands of dollars to the hardware vendor to bring support up to date before they could even attempt to get the hardware back online.

Disabled antivirus.

Disabled antivirus. Employees love their favorite websites, but when management deploys antivirus software that interferes with access to those sites, employees tend to disable the protection. This leaves the network vulnerable while enabling employees to waste time on unapproved, non-work related sites.

Multiple unknown emails.

We’ve uncovered instances of dozens of live email address from previous employees that hadn’t been monitored in months, even years. We’ve also seen emails that management didn’t know existed yet were actively in use. Each of these instances are major security vulnerabilities.

Shadow networks.

Employees who have connected unknown devices to the network, internet connectivity, or wireless. Each instance was intentional with purposes unrelated to business – and sometimes illegal.

Exposed vulnerabilities in patching and updates.

Typically viewed as “busy work” or “we’ll get to it later” items, our reports detail which security patches and updates are currently in place and where there are vulnerabilities. Patching and updating are a basic part of daily IT, and an effective layer of protection. Failing to perform these tasks create serious vulnerabilities.

It all starts with a business conversation. We invite you to take a tour of our Operations Center in Baltimore, and talk about your business goals over lunch. Schedule your tour today!

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