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Your organization and clients have data security expectations, even compliance requirements. The complexities of maintaining a secure, compliant organization make meeting those client requirements a difficult task for IT leaders. Klik.Solutions Managed Security Services empower you to be a more strategic director, guiding your organization with a holistic approach to defending against persistent threats to end users and environment.

Data security is an absolute requirement.

IT leaders are accountable to the organization and clients for data security. Clients and other parties that your organization interacts with require that you protect their data at any cost. Our Managed Security Team incorporates a holistic, layered approach to security that takes into consideration your organization’s external ecosystem.

Managed Security Services. Delivering Value.

Organizational leadership is concerned about security yet struggle with the balance between budget and risk. IT leaders understand that your organization is only as strong as your weakest point. Our team has the unique ability to assist you in demonstrating the value of proper security in a language management can easily understand. We help you bridge the gap between technical and non technical communication.

Properly protecting data starts with a well defined roadmap. Our security team works collaborates with your organization to create the ideal plan. It starts with understanding compliance and security requirements for your organization and your clients. We then offer a full range of internal and independent 3rd party assessment services.

  • IT & Risk Assessments
  • Security Assessments
  • Penetration Testing

Have you created a Security Plan for your organization? That plan includes security policies to protect your organization and end users. We’ll guide you in creating the right security policy for your technology, people & compliance requirements unique to your organization. Then, we’ll enforce policy and provide update guidance as necessary.

Whether your organization is required to follow compliance guidelines or simply needs to implement a best practices security posture, we has you all covered. Our engineering team remediates flagged items on security surveys for compliance. We then configure & maintain a secure posture for your hardware, software and network following best practices. Our Co Managed IT Services deliver compliant patching & updates, utilize built in security features, access controls, accounts, and more as part of the service.

As threats become more sophisticated, increase in frequency, and use intelligence to adapt to threat protection, yesterday’s tools become less effective. Next Gen security technologies use intelligence to identify traits of known, unknown and zero day attacks to keep pace with the ever changing threat landscape. Klik.Solutions works with next gen tools to reduce risk of attack and impact for your organization.

  • Managed Next Gen Firewalls
  • Advanced End Point Protection including antivirus, antimalware & ransomware protection
  • Advanced Server Protection 
  • Network Monitoring
  • Centrally managed for the latest in protection capabilities

Your security posture is only as strong as your greatest vulnerability. The greatest vulnerability to your security is your people ranging from simple internet mistakes to corporate espionage.. Our Managed Security Services include basic employee training for safe data management, email, and internet use. Additional services like phish testing are also available to help meet your compliance requirements.Overall, we’ll enforce policy for internet use, port access, peripheral devices and more.

Involved pupils. Smiling young pupils feeling extremely cheerful and involved in cleaning up the forest and volunteering

Managed Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM)

Everything connected to your network with an IP address.produces a log of every activity – anything ranging from opening a file to running an update. SIEM monitors network devices, collects, and combines all of these logs, and scans analyzes for any security related activity. When such an activity occurs, our SOC Team is alerted, identifies the threat, and begins to remediate the cause and result of that activity. Log activity is retained for compliance reporting as required.

Security practice built by Enterprise professionals.

IT leadership demands excellence from their resources. Klik.Solutions managed security practice was built combining our extensive global infrastructure expertise with security mastery from organizations like Netflix, NASDAQ, General Dynamics, Coca-Cola, and Verizon. The resulting security solution is a true blend of technology, policy, and philosophy enabling you to exceed the increasing security demands of clients and compliance.

Involved pupils. Smiling young pupils feeling extremely cheerful and involved in cleaning up the forest and volunteering

Klik.Solutions Compliant Managed SIEM

As securty and data compliance requirements evolve, so do the technologies needed to satisfy those requirements. That’s why we offer Managed SIEM Services that satisfy the security needs of most organizations.

SIEM Service
Network Device SIEM Service (servers, firewalls, routers, and more)
Per Device
Per Device
24×7 Log Monitoring
Live “Eyes On Screen”
SIEM Reporting
Daily Review
Real Time
Incident Response & Remediation SOC Support
In-Line Remediation
Requires Managed IT
Requires Managed IT
Incident Response Time
Daily Review
24×7 Help Desk Support
12 Month Log Retention
Automated Monthly Client Reporting

Testimonials & Case Studies

Jack, President, Insurance Agency
"You guys are great!!! It is refreshing to know that all of our IT is handled correctly and I especially like the fact that I can budget for your services with the monthly cost. We handle sensitive information for businesses including medical facilities all over the country and protecting our IT network is essential. Thank you for everything you do!"
Case Study
Technology & Security Update
Tom, Partner, Legal Services
"It’s amazing how quickly your team was able to get our security updated to respond to new client security questionnaires. Other security services needed a lot more time and were much more expensive. We’re working with new clients right now instead of waiting for another security person to rack up billable hours. Thanks for making it happen."

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