6 Reasons Why You Need Hybrid Cloud

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Cloud has been in the air for a while now. We all know that the benefits are hard to beat. We also know that there are two Cloud options: private and public. But which one to choose? The good news is there is no need to choose between two because we have a solution that provides a balance between both. It is called Hybrid Cloud. If you are still hesitant whether Hybrid Cloud is for you, here are the 6 reasons why you need it:  

1. Private data stays private 

Since hybrid model includes both private and public Cloud, you can be sure all your sensitive data is located on company’s intranet or hosted data center with proper firewall protection. 

2. Time saving 

With private data fully protected, the other data can be shared through public Cloud. It will be stored, maintained and managed by the provider. You will save time and resources on testing and deploying new products.  

3. Unified management tool 

Users are able to control access and restrictions through one unified management tool. The services can be easily customized to meet new or revised requirements.   

4. Better control 

Have a control over which data is managed by you and which is managed by the provider. It gives you an overall better control over data storage and access.  

5. Improved Speed  

With Hybrid Cloud, you can minimize latency and improve speed for data to get where it needs to be. The architecture can be designed so that critical services are located closer to the end users.   

6. Greater security  

Your IT staff is able to directly control the structure of a private cloud which enables them to manage data across your company and implement strict protocols for crucial assets. 

Now you know that Hybrid Cloud is a great combination between private and public Cloud. We partner with Molnii to provide this great solution to our clients. Molnii has an expertise in providing superior Hybrid Cloud services  

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Switch to Cloud Computing Now

Cloud Computing

Guess what? The forecast says it will be Cloudy with a 100% chance of benefits!  

Cloud is here to stay because it provides a number of benefits we can’t ignore. In brief, it allows businesses to keep data on remote servers with the ability to access it anytime from anywhere on any device. The main 5 reasons why you should switch to Cloud are: 

1. Reduced Costs

Hosting your data on remote servers will save you money as you won’t have a need for onsite hardware or data center. Forget about expenses associated with buying new equipment, maintaining and improving existing one. You will also save on electricity bills. Savings are all around!  

2. Visible Scalability 

You need more space? Or maybe less space? Cloud will get you covered. It is easily scalable both ways and you pay for only what you use. There will be no need for those important decisions about data center capacity and capital investments. Let the Cloud do what it does best – adjusting to the needs you have.  

3. Easy Access & Increased Collaboration  

One of the greatest benefits of Cloud is the ability to access data from multiple devices and from anywhere. That feature allows people to work from home or from the beach. Also, team members can work together on shared data in real-time which increases collaboration significantly.  

 4. Higher Efficiency 

When you move to Cloud, you will be making the best possible use of its resources at minimum cost. Your business can focus on bigger goals instead and redeploy people to higher-value tasks. There will be an efficiency increase throughout the company.    

5. Full Data Control & Security 

Behind cloud computing security, there are policies, procedures and controls that work together to protect your data. Cloud allows you to regularly (every 15 minutes) back up your files which greatly minimizes data deletion and disaster events.  

To sum it up, Cloud computing gives businesses peace of mind about data storage and maintenance. It also saves money and allows businesses to relocate human and other resources.  

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