IT Assessment – Why Your Organization Needs It

IT Assessment

Have you ever thought about an IT assessment and what is an IT assessment? This organization IT assessment is critical, very similar to the routine Health checkup we all should do regularly. Without it, it’s impossible to find issues early and be able to fix them with minimum losses.  

When we start working with our clients, small and medium sized businesses, we always spend time doing IT infrastructure assessment and IT environment assessment because it’s an essential first step towards providing effective Managed IT services. Right from the beginning, we need to know what has been outstanding, what security issues are present, how things should be prioritized and what would be a long-term goal.  

Here are the steps describing how to do IT assessment: 

  • Inventory Analysis 

We note all the equipment and devices you own or lease. Then, We check their conditions and assess useful life. Finally, we review technology and software status.  

  • Security Check 

We investigate possible breaches and check for ways hackers can get through. We review antivirus software and firewall.   

  • Risk Reports 

We provide risk scoring and identify potential cost due to security risks.  

  • Recommendation Report 

We list all the issues/problems we identified, propose solutions and recommend how to improve your system overall.  

An IT assessment is essential when we begin our work, but it is also critical to do it regularly. When you don’t do a business IT assessment, you risk finding issues when they become big and noticeable, which will result in significant costs and greater damages.  

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