Why Microsoft 365 Data Protection is Essential

Microsoft 365 data protection

Probably, there is not a single person in the entire universe who doesn’t know what Microsoft Office is. It became pretty much essential for businesses all over the world because it allows people to interact over emails, create documents and manage spreadsheets.  

Why Microsoft Office is so popular?  

  • Workflow made easy 

You have all applications you could possible need to successfully operate a business.  

  • Become a better worker 

You will get a great organization of your work which is easily accessible and maintained. Always be on top of tasks and projects.  

  • Go beyond your skills 

Wide range of applications makes you go beyond what you already know or can do. You can become creative in using the apps and innovate your way of doing things. Try the White Board in Teams or make Planner your progress tracker. 

With continuous Internet expansion and emerging new ways of operating, Microsoft introduced Office 365 and recently renamed it to Microsoft 365.  This is the same well-known suite of software stored in the Cloud and managed by subscription. Due to obvious benefits, such as opportunity to work from home and having data accessible from anywhere anytime, it became an endorsed solution for most companies.  

Do You Get Data Security with Microsoft 365? 

Microsoft 365 gives a great benefit of storing and accessing your data from anywhere, but does it provide data security? In fact, it does not. While you get infrastructure-level security, which includes physical, logical, app-level, user/admin controls, you still need to provide security on the data-level yourself.  

Data security is essential because you don’t want to ever lose critical data due to failure, disaster or attack. With this combined responsibility model, you are in charge of protecting your business data against internal breaches and external threats. To secure your data, you can set up back-up schedule and store it in a safe location. Actually, this is easily achievable with help of a Managed IT Services Provider (MSP). We know how to secure your data and not let it disappear or get corrupted. Get a Proposal Now or give us a call at +1(888)959-1196. You can also send us a message at info@klik.solutions. We know how to help! 

5 Ways to Make Your Teams Meeting More Engaging

Microsoft teams

With many of us being stuck at home, the demand for video conference software increased significantly. The two most popular ones are Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service that allows people to meet virtually. Today, though, we would like to tell you more about Microsoft Teams that is part of the subscription-based Office 365 suite.  We want to share with you the ways how to make your Teams meeting more fun, engaging, and interactive. 

1. Turn on your video  

Turning on your video for a meeting gives you an opportunity to see another person. But remembering that 93% of communications is non-verbal, this simple action might become a game-changer. By seeing another person, you can communicate more effectively and be more productive.  

2. Funny digital backgrounds 

Show up to the meeting pretending you are at the beach or in a space ship. Microsoft Teams gives a great variety of fun places you can put yourself in for the time of the meeting. It is also very helpful when you have a mess in your house and don’t feel like cleaning. 

3. Brainstorm on a whiteboard 

One of the best things about face-to-face meetings is an opportunity to share and brainstorm ideas putting them in visual graphs and structures. In case you didn’t know, it is also possible with Microsoft Teams! There is a Whiteboard capability that lets all participants write their ideas and share their visions. To tell you the truth, this might be even better than meeting in person as Teams saves everything for you, and you can easily distribute the materials after the meeting.  

4. Captions enabling 

For people who have hearing obstacles or have broken speakers, Teams rolled out a new feature that lets people turn on live captions. At the moment, live captions are only available in English and in the United States. 

5. Never miss a meeting 

Sometimes, unpredictable situations make us miss important meetings. Microsoft Teams is here to help! You can record a meeting and have a transcript automatically generated. How awesome is that? Moreover, the recording is stored in the cloud, so it is easily accessible and sharable.  

We hope you have fun trying all those great features of Teams. In case you have any questions or need help with Microsoft 365, don’t hesitate to reach out – we are here to help! Klik Solutions is an official Microsoft partner, so call us at 888.959.1196 or send us a message at info@klik.solutions.