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Understanding IT Support

IT Support is More Than Just A Help Desk

When technology is a vital part of your organization, it should be well supported by a team that understands your organization. After all, the quality of your technology is only as strong as the ability of your people to use it productively. Yet, not all help desk support is built the same way. Knowing the differences in how IT supports your organization is important to more than just your technology. It impacts your people.

Response vs Resolution

Response and resolution are 2 key metrics when it comes to IT support tickets. “Response” is the amount of time it takes for the help desk to acknowledge your support ticket.  “Resolution” is the time it takes to resolve your ticket. Which metric matters more to you and your people?

Many outsourced IT providers promote “response” time, claiming they’ll answer your call in 90 seconds or less. They typically use a traditional help desk model where a very low level tech answers the initial call, asks a few basic questions, and then escalates the ticket to someone more experienced. Essentially, their response time metric is the amount of time a user is on the phone before an operator picks up. This is just one additional step, added barrier to having a tech problem resolved.

The Klik.Solutions IT Support process is built for resolution. Regardless of how we receive your support request – email, phone, smoke signal – your ticket is instantly entered into a well choreographed path to fast, accurate resolution. Rather than add barriers to resolution, your ticket immediately handled by higher level tech who would be senior support at other IT providers. With a collaborative approach to resolving tickets that includes access to senior leadership, and clear communication with end users every step of the way, we’re built for fast resolution while providing an amazing user experience.

Experience Counts

One of the biggest challenges organizations face with an IT provider is qualifying their experience, expertise. Many providers are too often selected because they simply know more about IT than the client does – which often isn’t very much. Leadership may have several “halo” accounts that helped build their IT business, but the techs they hire to work on your organization may not be qualified.

This leads to many of the problems we find when onboarding new clients. The provider attempts to fit them into a rigid standardization that doesn’t work for their organization or people. Tasks the provider was hired to do like patching & updating, managing user accounts, etc. are not done. Or the lack of technical knowledge creates a messy, unsecure, unmanageable network.

At Klik.Solutions, we started with a higher level of technology expertise in all of the areas important to any organization. Infrastructure, applications, network, cloud, security and business. Our senior team has run IT nationally and globally for organizations like Unilever, Kaiser Permanente, and Honeywell. We’ve designed, built, manage, and support our own Molnii Cloud.

More importantly, we’ve implemented a hiring practice that ensures a higher level of tech support touches your end users. Every hire is put through a rigid hiring process by each member of leadership that includes technical experience, problem solving acumen, and personable communication skills. It enables us to work in a collaborative, more general technical environment while communicating with end users in non technical terms. It’s experience you can actually understand.

Process Is Critical

A true, professional IT support process is designed to respond to and resolve technical issues. How quickly and accurately depends on the structure of that process. With so many variables, it’s important to have an IT support process that is fast, agile, and scalable. Klik.Solutions IT support process is designed to do just that.

Every detail of our IT support process is a well choreographed interaction of complex automated tools, advanced software, and an entire technical staff working 24×7 around the world. Our extensive toolset automates critical functions including patching and updating based on policies for each client. Monitoring and alerting platforms are extremely granular systems to see more of your hardware, software, and network than basic tools. This enables our team to identify potential issues before they become problems so we can move to action before most other tools would see a problem.

Our teams in the US, Amsterdam, and Kyiv include tech support, senior engineers, and project managers. This ensures that our clients experience the same amazing support 24×7 with consistent quality of service day or night. From basic end user tickets to high severity, potentially catastrophic emergencies, our team is built to resolve issues quickly, permanently.

Purpose, experience and process are three critical areas to understand about your IT support. There are dozens of guides on the internet about what to ask your provider, which is a good starting point. But understanding what amazing IT support looks like will empower you to ask the right questions before you hire a provider – and before you have your first issue.

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“I love that the techs get right to work! And most times a resolve is completed immediately. I’ve always been greeted by someone professional and eager to assist. Austin did a great job and also educated me in the process! can’t beat that. Great job!!”

Margaret – CIO, Law Firm

COVID-19 Update

Klik.Solutions continues to monitor the latest ongoing updates regarding COVID-19 “coronavirus”… 

Klik.Solutions has put our well planned, thoroughly tested internal contingency plans into action, maintaining our high level of client services without impact. 

As of this update, our SLA’s for ticket resolution are holding at 98%. This is considered excellent especially in light of the elevated ticket volume as clients adapt to a mobile workforce.

Essential client projects are also proceeding as planned with no disruption from the Klik team.

We are proud of the efforts of our entire team and are standing by to help you navigate these unprecedented times. Please continue to email help@kliksupport.com for any assistance.

For more information contact info@klik.solutions or call 888.959.1196.

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