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What are Managed IT Services?

What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services are network, application, system tasks provided by an outsourced, 3rd party resource – a Managed IT Services Provider (MSP). Primary tasks of an MSP are monitoring, optimization, support, and management of your IT. More advanced MSP’s provide 24×7 remote help desk support, managed security, cloud, and IT consultation services as well.

Technology to advance business changes fast. Patching & updating are just a couple of critical areas that now require 24×7 automated monitoring & management to keep your technology up to date and secure. Gone are the days of simple break/fix – where an “IT provider” would simply be on call to repair your technology. Today, if something breaks, the downtime is costly, if not devastating, to any organization.

Outsourcing some or all IT tasks to an MSP is becoming more common for organizations of any size. Smaller businesses lack the resources to maintain an optimized IT posture let alone stay ahead of the IT initiatives of competitors. Larger organizations are realizing the benefits and cost savings by outsourcing routine, time consuming tasks of IT so their internal IT leadership can implement strategy.

A premium Managed IT Services provider, Klik.Solutions is the most complete IT Support, IT Services, and IT Consulting firm in the Baltimore, Maryland, Washington, D.C., and entire MD/DC/VA region. 

Kilk.Solutions provides tremendous value by enabling you to off load routine IT Support tasks, and maximize your investment in internal IT for organizational growth. If your organization fully outsourced IT, leverage our team for all roles ranging from IT Support tasks to CIO level strategy and guidance.

Overall, you benefit from our sum of advanced, specialized Managed IT Services tools, personalized IT Support strategies, and expert IT Consultation. Every interaction is an opportunity for us to do more, learn more, share more so our clients can benefit from shared IT Services and business experiences.

The Confidence of Internal IT. Outsourced.

The benefit of internal IT Support is understanding the nuances exclusive to your organization and market. Klik.Solutions has reimagined and personalized Managed IT Services to deliver an experience distinct to your organization. Our role as your IT Support & IT Consultant team is to integrate with your leadership, values, culture, and roles of each employee. We’re fascinated with your organization and those nuances that make it unique.

As your internal IT Support, we know how technology reflects the feeling of quality you promote within your organization and representative of the experience your clients can expect. We help inspire confidence internally and to the customers you serve. You set the standard, we make it possible.

How Do Managed IT Services Benefit Your Organization?

The real value of Klik.Solutions is the flexibility to integrate directly into your org chart as your IT Support team. We work for you.
Internal IT
Basic SMB management platform ($ per user)
Advanced specialized tools
$ for internal employee. What level, role?
Economies of scale lower per user cost for better tools
Hourly $ for break/fix if need help
Team of IT experts for leadership, strategy, dedicated project management
One person to handle
Unlimited remote help desk
Technology management system
Vendor management
Respond to user issues (password, slow, etc)
We sit on phone with vendor support, know how to expedite
Maintain all equipment including warranties, end of life, etc
Cost benefit and ROI
Managed vendor contracts and contacts
Guidance to eliminate technical debt and parasitic loss
Sit on phone with vendor support for hours to resolve issues
Team of support people 24×7
Cost benefit vs bottom line thinking
Collaborate on ideal strategies and ideas as a team
Technical debth
Leading and new tech, brand agnostic
Parasitic loss
A true 24×7 organization
Time loss waiting for one person to address help
Schedule on-site available (97% of tickets completed remotely)
Only know what they know, not collaborative expertise (sales person educated, usually by price)
Vacation & sick days

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“I love that the techs get right to work! And most times a resolve is completed immediately. I’ve always been greeted by someone professional and eager to assist. Austin did a great job and also educated me in the process! can’t beat that. Great job!!”

Margaret – CIO, Law Firm

COVID-19 Update

Klik.Solutions continues to monitor the latest ongoing updates regarding COVID-19 “coronavirus”… 

Klik.Solutions has put our well planned, thoroughly tested internal contingency plans into action, maintaining our high level of client services without impact. 

As of this update, our SLA’s for ticket resolution are holding at 98%. This is considered excellent especially in light of the elevated ticket volume as clients adapt to a mobile workforce.

Essential client projects are also proceeding as planned with no disruption from the Klik team.

We are proud of the efforts of our entire team and are standing by to help you navigate these unprecedented times. Please continue to email help@kliksupport.com for any assistance.

For more information contact info@klik.solutions or call 888.959.1196.

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