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What is an IT assessment?

IT Assessments. Know What You Need To Know.

Organizations of any size rely on technology for the success of their business.  Yet, even the most minimal IT environments consist of multiple systems integrating your technology with people – and with your clients. This requires constant monitoring, management, and maintenance following best practices and guidelines. A third party IT Assessment looks at the state of your IT environment to identify strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and risks.

Technology is a critical part of your organization’s overall success. However, it’s likely that the technical expertise within your organization is minimal or simply focused on making sure computers work. That typically your take on a leap of faith that your IT provider is delivering the services you pay for, or that your internal IT resource is capable of keeping tasks up to date. Even a basic, high level IT Assessment will validate or expose the true status of your IT systems. 

The Klik.Solutions IT Assessment

Klik.Solutions assessment methodology is designed to provide even the most non-techical organization with an easy to understand look at their IT status. The assessment is performed with technology and people to take a high level, yet holistic view of your IT and the challenges your people experience. First, we deploy a thin “diagnostic agent” on your environment that collects only system data, then disappears when completed. Think of it as the diagnostic tool a mechanic uses to plug into your car’s computer to identify issues.

While the automated diagnostics are in process, we’ll talk to your leadership about your specific business. This helps us to understand how your organization works, identify ongoing technology challenges, and IT concerns. We’ll also learn more about any compliance guidelines, types of data handled in your environment, organization history, and future goals. Following the diagnostic and team data collection, we provide a report to your leadership with valuable information:

Inventory & Status

    • Age and status of your current hardware, software & network devices
    • Detailed device report of individual technologies
    • Disk space
    • Performance issues 
    • Email and application management
    • Network map including peripheral devices (printers, a/v, etc.)

Security Status

    • Security patch and update status of hardware, software & network devices
    • Actual users vs user accounts in your network, software subscriptions and more
    • Status and availability of security tools 
    • Administrative access. Are you being hacked right now?
    • System vulnerabilities
    • Password policy

Risk Report

    • Overall risk scoring
    • Potential cost liability due to security risks
    • Prioritize risks that require attention

vCIO Recommendation Report

    • Identify critical issues & remediation recommendation
    • Identify issues that require attention before they become critical
    • Recommendations for cost savings, efficiency, security, performance

Knowledge Is Power

When presented with this information, your organization will either validate the IT services being provided, or have an actionable road map to bring IT to an optimized state. This enables even the most tech challenged members of your team to make educated decisions about hardening your environment to maximize your investment in IT. Empower your people to be more productive, give clients confidence in your ability to protect their data, and gain a competitive advantage in your market.

Klik.Solutions IT Assessments frequently uncover important issues and vulnerabilities. Brute force attacks past firewalls, disabled security features, rogue IT services, active access to former employee accounts are all security risks that were unchecked by the previous provider. We identify potential cost savings by comparing active monthly software subscriptions for users no longer with the organization, and the cost of underperforming technologies. 

All of this data gives your organization the power to improve existing technology today and create a new, more effective strategic vision for the future. 

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COVID-19 Update

Klik.Solutions continues to monitor the latest ongoing updates regarding COVID-19 “coronavirus”… 

Klik.Solutions has put our well planned, thoroughly tested internal contingency plans into action, maintaining our high level of client services without impact. 

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