What is Business Transformation?

Defining Business Transformation

Compared to just 5 years ago, if your organization operates with different tools or people, provides different or added services, or has evolved to service new clients, then you’ve experienced Business Transformation. As Charles Darwin said, “adapt or die”.

A more formal definition of Business Transformation is the process of fundamentally changing the systems, processes, people and technology across a whole business or business unit, to achieve measurable improvements in efficiency, effectiveness and stakeholder satisfaction. This happens organically with many organizations. 

Organizations that refuse to adapt, prefer to do things “the way we always have”, are on a path to extinction. That’s why we focus on helping two types of organizations – those who change reluctantly, and forward thinking organizations.

Are You Reluctant to Change?

Organizations reluctant to change do so reluctantly. Many times, they fear change, assume change to have associated costs without understanding the benefits, and see change as a concept that is out of their collective comfort zone. When new processes or systems are implemented, they are more likely to be rolled out in a timid, incomplete manner with little “buy in” organizationally. That is where internal resistance to change wins the battle. Eventually, many of the systems are implemented, but not to their full capabilities. Overall, this is typical of the type of organization that seems to be forever chasing competitors, chasing clients, and falling behind in the market.

The Forward Thinking Organization

Success breeds success. Organizations which consistently add new systems, process, resources, and services to stay ahead of competitors most likely have a perception of success. There’s a certain “wow” factor when dealing with these types of organizations. Their people have a positive energy, you want to interact with them. Their innovation impresses clients, prospects and business partners. The key benefit is the ability to add, change, or improve the services they provide, setting the standard in their industry. A place where clients WANT to do more business.

Adapting to How People Buy

Clients have an amazing number of choices in a particular market today – including self-provisioning services. As they become more acclimated to utilizing established and emerging technologies, organizations must adapt to how people buy. That means systems, processes, and technologies in place to satisfy people every step of the way on their buying journey. It’s easy to lose opportunities by making people work to do business with your organization. Implement agile systems that remove barriers to business, and you’ll improve the ability to do more for your clients, win more business.

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