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“Security” is a part of the new normal. But business owners typically tune out when they see or hear the word. Most of the sales push behind security involves scare tactics or product marketing. When fringe security tools use the same buzzwords as full security measures, it is difficult to cut through the noise.

In reality, you most likely have all the tools your small business needs to reduce the risk of a breach.

You know who has your back when it comes to security? The people who make the computers, hardware and software you use. You own it, it’s already paid for. Security items range from features within hardware to settings within the systems, plus the constant patches and updates vendors push out to keep ahead of current risks. Vendors also publish best practices for their products, and advise when they will no longer support products well in advance of the “end of life” date. It’s all there in your network…right now.

Tools Require Technicians

Let’s say Microsoft issues a security patch and your IT person has that on their “to do” list. Then Suzi in accounting and John in marketing call for help – even for something as simple as resetting a password. That patch gets put aside for a minute, or a week. Leaving your business exposed to hackers exploiting the vulnerability that patch was designed to close. Or, if a security feature affects the performance of an application or computer, the user or IT person disable the feature, trading tangible performance for protecting from the unknown. There are only so many hours in a day for a one or two person IT team to keep up with technology. Maintain your technology, AND provide support to end users. How effective can a single IT person be with so many technical tasks. To perform to keep your business running while learning new technologies to move you forward?

Know Your IT Team Capabilities

There’s a reason why so many IT assessments uncover major security issues within SMB’s. Knowing what to do with the tools you have, how to maximize your technology, and provide future guidance comes down to the level of expertise your IT team delivers. All of the services sound the same. Think about it. The competitors in your industry probably all have the same services, tout the same benefits, use similar messaging. What separates YOUR business from theirs? Go to the next level in evaluating the expertise, the tool set, and guidance provided by your IT team. This will help ensure you maximize your current investment in technology, leverage your security tools, and get amazing value for your monthly IT spend.

The bottom line is, you are already invested in IT and data security. It’s a question of having the right people in place to leverage those tools, train end users on safe best practices, and keep your business moving ahead. Otherwise, you’re letting hackers and end users control the fate of your business on any given day. That’s not a scare tactic – it’s simply the new reality.

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