Marketing Analytics Services

MicrosoftTeams image 12 How are you using digital marketing analytics?  They provide you with a wealth of benefits and insights into customers’ behavior that can drive key advertising decisions. Klik Solutions, a manage IT service provider and Baltimore cybersecurity firm, now offers Data Analytics as a Service. With digital marketing analytics services from our Klik team, you dig into your data, identifying strengths and weaknesses to drive your marketing strategies.

Marketing Analytics Services

Marketing data can help your company make informed decisions, providing you with data-driving insights about where to effectively allocate budget resources, track the effectiveness of campaigns, and gain a window into customer behaviors and preferences.

Using a marketing analytics service is an expense but it pales in comparison to the cost of hiring staff and other expenses associated with creating data teams and purchasing the software and devices to get you started. Outsourcing the analysis of data to a qualified agency like Klik Analytics can be a real cost saver. We work with your team to identify key metrics, capture and analyze in-house data, and create powerful visualizations and data reports, helping your team take a deep dive into the marketing results to plan important next steps with forward-thinking and data-informed planning. You can answer questions about your bottom line like:
  • What customers are we reaching?
  • How are customers engaging? What does that inform?
  • In what areas are we generating leads? Are there conversions?
  • What channels are performing best/worst? Why?
  • Which campaigns were most/least effective? Why?
  • Where can we grow our marketing performance?
  • What would be an appropriate focus?
  • Why are we retaining customers? Why are we losing customers?
  • What are our next strategies and next steps?

How Can Your Analytics Help You?

By leveraging marketing data, businesses can also identify new opportunities and ways to optimize their efforts in a cost-effective manner, ultimately saving money and improving profits. Our team uses the most advanced technologies, helping you analyze efforts to move your marketing to the next level.
  • Different channels can provide you with access to a wide range of data including:
  • Web statistics to understand customer interaction with your website and what their online preferences and behaviors are.
  • Social media insights help you understand customer engagement on social media sites, again gaining insights into the customer experience.
  • Email metrics help you see who is opening your emails, reading them, and responding, along with who is not. This helps illuminate ways to adjust plans to get more engagement with email campaigns.
  • Paid advertising data can tell you about customer responses to ads, how your sites are ranking when searched, and the impact these ads have on online traffic to your channels.
Security is a concern in outsourcing data services. Klik Analytics ensures that your data is safe and secure. We will work with you to identify the best protocols to manage data and ensure compliance and protection of sensitive information while allowing your teams to explore the data in meaningful ways.

If you are ready to unlock the full potential of your advertising efforts, reach out to a Solution Advisor at Klik to get started with Klik Analytics, one of the best marketing analytics companies in Baltimore. Your data will take you places. What’s your destination?

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