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Successful data breaches are incredibly common as organizations struggle to keep pace with unrelenting security threats. Reducing risk and impact of attacks are basic requirements to operating in a digital world. Klik.Solutions Managed IT Security combines expertise from the most secure organizations in the world with tailored security strategies, next gen tools, and personalized guidance. Give your organization and clients confidence while eliminating the complexity and cost of IT Security.

Why Is Your Organization Vulnerable?

Most organizations are concerned with data protection, yet few are adequately secure. Many small to mid sized organizations (SMB) make poor assumptions that leave them vulnerable and more likely to be successfully attacked.

Large organizations are typically required to make data breaches public, especially when data is stolen or compromised. It’s rare to hear about smaller organization reveal that they’ve experienced an attack. This creates a false sense of security. That data breaches only happen to large organizations, and only massive data sizes are targeted. SMB’s believe they are simply too small for hackers to bother with, and that their data has no value. This is exactly why SMB’s are very attractive to hackers and more vulnerable to a surprisingly costly breach.

Similar to the perception that only larger organizations are targets, many SMB’s believe it is expensive to adequately protect their organization. Perceived costs such as expensive hardware, high salaried IT security employees or costly consultants, and enterprise security software are simply out of range for smaller organizations. When weighing IT security costs vs cost of data loss, most SMB’s are willing to take the risk without knowing the true cost of either. That’s why 60% of small businesses that are crippled by an attack can never recover.

Most SMB’s already struggle to comprehend their existing IT environment. Adding IT security to the mix is even more overwhelming. There is a perception that IT security is so serious that it must be very complex to implement. Even concepts for basic protection such as antivirus, ransomware protection, training end users, are confusing to non-technical decision makers. That ‘fear of complexity’ paralyzes smaller organizations from allocating the time and resources necessary to adequately secure their organization.

As hyper fast as attacks change, so do the IT Security product pitches. That means an endless barrage of fear base product pitches and noise. Security is the new buzzword, and it’s exhausting. The cyber security market is spread so thin that these pitches come from nearly every type of vendor that touches your network. From copier companies to new antivirus products, there are just too many security angles to comprehend what you really need. It all becomes noise that SMB decision makers simply tune out – and do nothing. 


Ordering a cyber attack…

Anyone can order a cyber attack on the dark web with absolutely zero experience - or money. It’s as easy as ordering a pair of socks online. Hackers market their services based on success rates, how fast they can bypass dozens of the most popular security products, and profitability. Then, they simply flood the web with bait targeting your vulnerabilities, not your SMB. That puts your organization at tremendous risk.

Is Your Organization At Risk?​

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Klik.Solutions Compliant Managed IT Security Services

Achieve the level of IT security your organization and your clients demand. Klik.Solutions holistic, layered Managed IT Security can significantly reduce the risk and impact of an attack on your organization. Designed by security experts from global organizations, our Managed IT Security practice includes a holistic, layered approach to protecting your data. Strategic planning, sophisticated tools, and expertise all orchestrated to your specific requirements to protect your organization inside and out.


Compliant Strategy & Policy

Security starts with a strategy. We’ll work with you to develop a strategy tailored to your compliance requirements, client demands, industry standards & goals. We then help you develop and enforce policies to align with your requirements.

Technology & Infrastructure

Our process begins by maximizing your existing technology. Hardware & software security features configured to best practices. Security patching & updating plans executed flawlessly. Accurate user access & permissions managed to policy.


Next Gen Security Tools

Next Gen security features update in near real time to stay on par with persistent threats. Our advanced managed security includes advanced antivirus, ransomware protection, next gen firewalls, plus log monitoring for real time detection of potential threats.

Secure People

Nearly all successful attacks involve human error. Our Managed IT Security includes training end users on safe email & online use following best practices - and security policy. In addition to basic end user training are advanced measures such as phish threat training and more.


FREE Presentation. Your biggest vulnerability is your people.

Human behavior is the biggest threat to keeping your organization secure. Hackers are creative, the best marketers in the world. That’s why our team developed a simple, non technical on-site training presentation to show your people how to use email and the internet safely. Schedule your FREE end user security presentation today!

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Samantha, Firm Administrator, CPA Firm
"Roman has been an absolute Superstar through the migration process and especially throughout the morning getting us back to full strength. I can't begin to express how knowledgEAble and immersed he has been in the project. It just cements my view that we made the right choice in moving everything to Klik.Solutions. I look forward to a long relationship between our two companies."
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