Full Managed IT Service for a Food Distribution Company

Full Managed IT Service for a Food Distribution Company



A large dairy distribution company approached us because of a recent ransomware attack on their organization. We came in to make sure all of their systems were safe. They were so impressed that they decided to hire Klik Solutions to provide Full Managed IT Support going forward. Now, they are one of the best companies we’ve ever worked with.

Client profile:

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to Full Managed IT Services. Our approach to different businesses is always unique and perfectly suited for that particular business. Klik Solutions was hired by a family owned dairy distributor that was recently a victim of a ransomware attack. Their distribution routes were on the eastern seaboard, from New York to Virginia, Florida and the Bahamas. They had at least 150 clients and AS/400 system. Recently, they acquired new companies to strengthen their corporation.

The Problem and the Challenge:

  • They were a victim of a ransomware attack. They called us and asked for help
  • On top of this, their backup system was obsolete. They had their people drive in and out early in the morning to physically exchange tapes. When we came in, we discovered that they haven’t done a backup for 27 days in a row, which could be catastrophic to a business like theirs
  • Procedure-wise, they never had ticketing system in place. The company always escalates to their IT Manager

The Solution:

  • We did a forensic incident review of the cyber security attacks. This gave us an overview of how greatly they were compromised and how vulnerable they remained. From there, we gave a number of recommendations to put their operations back to normal.
  • Together, we went through a 24-months plan where we mapped everything that needs to be done and the goals we are trying to accomplish.
  • We replaced their firewall with Sophos firewall and offered full back-up support from Veeam. They were so happy with the results that they partnered with us for Full Managed IT Services and vCIO!


  • Now, they can focus 100% on their business and acquiring new clients. They sometimes have attack attempts, but Klik Solutions is always there to help and protect them.
  • Starting as a one-time solution to help with a cyberattack, we eventually built a strong relationship. We now provide Full Managed IT Services to ensure the best quality of their operations and security. They were a perfect use case for that type of IT solution (MS Complete, SIM Services, DUOS (MFA), Sophos fully rolled out).
  • Before, their IT manager’s time was spent on patchwork resets, updates and cfehelping people with their computers. Now, their IT manager gets more things done by making their internal processes better.


“We are grateful to find Klik Solutions. They helped us when we needed that help the most. Klik is a great company, with professional and, at the same time, very personable approach. For us, they are more than just IT provider, they are our friends who are always there when we need them.”
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