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Managed IT Services for the Financial Industry

Accounting & finance firms have a unique, interdependent relationship with technology. Fintech empowers firms to adapt to rapid changes in the industry, regulations, and client expectations. Klik.Solutions IT Services for Accounting & Finance provides you the IT leadership, technical expertise, and IT support systems your firm needs to realize a new vision of success.

New Technologies Means New Opportunities

Accounting & finance pros are adapting to incredible changes in the industry. This isn’t just endemic of Accounting, but of your clients’ industries too. Clients are demanding firms like yours simply offer more. Klik.Solutions is the IT partner & business partner with the holistic acumen to help you make important yet intelligent decisions. Bridge the gap between yesterday’s technology and the fast approaching need to implement new AI tools, data automation, business intelligence, and blockchain. It starts with a solid foundation for today with the agility to see rapidly developing opportunities.

Manage Workload Compression

Compression can set firms back months. We work with your firm to plan, prepare & support your team while ensuring your technology vision stays on course. The reassuring partner you firm needs.


Navigate Compliance Rules

Regulations severely impact how your firm services clients. Our guidance empowers your team to focus on changing financial rules critical to your clients. We’ll focus on compliance and data protection.​

offer more services

Clients demand more services than ever before. As their industries leverage technology to provide new services, they expect more from your firm. We’re your partners in change, transforming technology services & advisory into new opportunities.


flexgen talent acqusition

A new generation of talent has a different set of requirements. Job satisfaction includes an expectation of technology tools and the freedom to use them for client growth. FlexGen is already impacting the industry. We’ll give you the technology to attract.

IT Services for Accounting & Finance

A complete IT team that integrates into your organization chart. Managed IT Services support your firm 24×7 year round to optimize your technology – and your people. Klik.Solutions raises the posture of your technology environment to an ideal standard​. This enables your firm and people to work confidently with clients while creating new opportunities.

  • 24×7 IT Support Team by experienced Accounting & Finance tech support staff
  • 24×7 technology optimization including compliant security patches & updates
  • Technology life cycle management for compliance & cost savings
  • License & subscription management for security & cost savings

Your expertise is providing tax, advisory & financial services. Managing ever changing compliance & security policies is ours. Klik.Solutions Managed Security Services incorporate a layered security strategy to protect critical client data. 

  • 24×7 Network & Firewall Management
  • Full system log monitoring for multiple compliance standards. Scans, detects & removes malicious activity on your network.
  • Compliant managed anti-virus, antimalware, & ransomware protection. Continuously providing the most current, up to the minute protection.

Compliance regulations demand more than just implementing security products. Klik.Solutions expert Compliance Services protect sensitive client data in line with the compliance regulations your firm must adhere to. 

  • IT Assessments
  • Security & Risk Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Technology hardening & security remediation 
  • Compliant Security Policy development & enforcement

Financial & Accounting applications are evolving faster than most firms can adapt. Properly managing changes, updates, new requirements and the opportunities these powerful apps can create is important to staying ahead of client needs. The Klik.Solutions team provide real world expertise with popular and evolutionary applications.

  • Expertise with the right Legal applications that fit your practice
  • Maintain optimal technology environment for performance & uptime
  • Manage upgrades & updates
  • Application deployments & integration
  • Managed application & vendor support

Cloud solutions provide accounting & finance firms tremendous advantages. Compliant data centers invest heavily in better technology, security & performance than most firms can deploy on site. Klik.Solutions Managed Cloud experts work with your vision to create opportunities for your firm in the cloud.

  • Cloud solutions & data centers for most compliance guidelines
  • Tiered secure data storage for reduced cost of rapidly increasing client data
  • Secure, compliant backup & restoration of data
  • Compliant data archiving for low cost data storage
  • Compliant technology infrastructure & application hosting

Mobile devices improve efficiency and data accessibility while enabling your people to work seamlessly in the office or on client sites. Klik.Solutions gives your team the mobility you need for better, more effective client service.

  • Support for tablets, smartphones, “all-in-one” devices, and more
  • Fully compliant data security tools
  • Physical device controls including accessibility, port lockout, and remote wipe capabilities

What is your vision? Leadership is the key differentiator between firms with a clear vision for leveraging technology and those lagging behind. We’ll help you create and realize your vision to evolve with the industry. Our shared experiences servicing Accounting & Finance clients enable you to see new ideas in creating the right technology roadmap to support your vision . Klik.Solutions is the ideal business & technology partner that can guide your growth.

Klik.Solutions Application Expertise

IT For Financial & Wealth Management

Financial & wealth management firms have more nuanced technology requirements for servicing clients. On average, technology driven advisors increase in clients by 5% and AUM up to 10% over less technical advisors. Klik.Solutions developed an innovative IT Support model backed by skilled techs to enable your firm to leverage the financial benefits of technology.

Managing Tools For Success

Leveraging new technology applications and platforms enables firms to easily adjust business models to incorporate the needs of clients across multiple generations. Impacting a more tech savvy new generation of client drives new opportunities for growth and business development. Klik.Solutions guides your firm to integrate the right tools in the ideal technology environment to ensure positive client experiences - and ROI.

Integrating the tools for success today and tomorrow:

  • Mobile
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Digital Platforms & Aggregators
  • Robo

Testimonials & Case Studies

Deb, President, CPA Firm
President of one a new client after we solved an ongoing issue with one of their critical financial applications."This solves the mystery for us...Pat really went above and beyond on this ticket...Thanks...glad we came over to Klik.Solutions"
Case Study
Emergency System Response
Mark, CIO Advisor to Accounting Firm
"Vlad, thank you! We’ve certainly been overjoyed with the positive changes we’ve seen here and the great support you all have been providing. I look forward to continuing our collaborations."
Case Study
Mid-Night Emergency System Restore

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