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Managed IT Services for the
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Accounting and Finance professionals are adapting to substantial— and constant— changes in their industry. This is not just specific to Accounting; it applies to all the industries your clients work in. In this competitive and ever-changing field, clients expect their financial firms to offer more than ever before.

With our holistic perspective, Klik Solutions is the ideal IT and business partner to help you and your business make important, intelligent decisions when it comes to tech. We help you bridge the gap between yesterday’s technology and today’s need to implement new AI tools, data automation, business intelligence, and blockchain. For Klik, it all starts with a solid foundation, built-in agility, and the seasoned foresight needed to identify rapidly developing opportunities.

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IT for Financial Services

Managed IT Services for the Financial Industry

Accounting and Finance firms have a unique, interdependent relationship with technology. Klik Solutions helps firms adapt to rapid changes in the industry, regulations, and client expectations. Klik Solutions’ IT Services for Accounting & Finance provides the IT leadership, technical expertise, and IT support systems your firm needs to adapt and develop new cost-effective structures. Our clients include accounting and financial firms of all sizes, large and small. We provide a wide range of services, from supporting end users and installing servers to Cyber Security and Cloud solutions. We understand the legal demands of the financial industry and provide fast responses— and we proactively look for any issues that may slow you down.

Precision, compliance, and efficiency are of paramount importance in the Accounting and Financial Industry. At Klik Solutions, we take these requirements seriously and work hard to meet the specialized IT needs of the financial industry. Our mission is to empower accounting and financial firms to excel, focusing on client service and financial innovation, free from the distractions of IT challenges.

How Klik Specializes IT for Accounting and Financial Firms:

Klik Solutions specializes in delivering IT services crafted for the accounting and financial sector, ensuring firms operate effectively and securely. Our deep understanding of financespecific software and regulatory requirements means you can spend more time on client services and strategic fiscal management, and less on technology oversight.

Financial Industry IT Expertise:

Mastery of essential fiscal management systems such as QuickBooks, Sage, CCH, Thomson Reuters, Xero, and secure transaction platforms, ensuring
smooth financial operations.

Comprehensive IT Auditing:

Conducting detailed Security Risk Assessments and compliance checks in line with financial industry standards to safeguard operations.

Integrated Data Management:

Streamlining data access and management across multiple locations to optimize firm efficiency.

Our Commitment to Accounting and Financial Firms: 

Accounting and Financial institutions have unique cybersecurity, data protection, and technology needs. When you team up with Klik Solutions, here’s a glimpse into the exceptional benefits for your business, specifically designed for our partners in this specific industry: 

Enhanced Protection for Your Data:

Your clients’ records and your financial information will be safe from digital threats. That is our chief concern so you can rest easy. Klik’s advanced security protocols keep your sensitive details well-protected, offering you and your clients unparalleled
peace of mind. 

Navigational Support Through Regulatory Mazes:

Regulations in the financial may seem like a maze of daunting requirements. You are not alone in navigating this maze. Our team of knowledgeable professionals guides you through Sarbanes-Oxley (Sox), Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), FASB Accounting Standards Codification, ensuring your operations are always up to par with the latest compliance and integrity standards, simplifying complex regulations for you.

Fortified IT Defense Systems:

We design your IT infrastructure to act as a fortress, securing your sensitive data and transactions. This not only preserves the confidence your clients have in your company but also strengthens the backbone of your business operations.

Always-On Support:

We provide you with 24/7, around-the-clock support to ensure everything runs like clockwork. Your financial operations are seamless, and you’re always in business, day or night.

Fail-Safe Data Backup:

Fail-safe backup strategies ensure that your essential information is always retrievable, giving you and your clients an added layer of security.

Ongoing Vigilance and Upkeep:

No more downtime or interrupted service. We stay ahead of the game, so your IT issues don’t become bigger problems, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

Klik Solutions is your trusted ally in the accounting and financial industry. Your firm benefits from advanced, secure, and compliant IT solutions. Our objective is to simplify the IT environment for financial professionals, allowing you to focus on delivering superior financial services. To learn more about Klik Solutions Managed Services, please visit our website or contact us at (833)-394-4900. We are eager to address any questions you might have and arrange a complimentary consultation. 


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Benefits for clients

Aligning IT With Your Goals:

We help you determine the best solutions to meet your business goals

Improved workflow increase productivity:

We take the inefficiencies out of your IT systems, allowing you to focus on growing your business

Free more time to serve your customers’ needs:

We proactively make sure your systems are up and running at peak performance so you can focus on your customers

Greatly reduce stress & burnout:

We make your IT issues our responsibility, reducing your team’s stress and burnout from constantly fighting IT-related issues

Looking for support?

Gear up your on-the-move workforce with the latest in mobile tech, making sure they’re always in the loop and working efficiently.


Why Klik Solutions?

Experienced experts

Experienced experts

We have ten years of experience in the industry, with four offices across the globe and over 60 IT experts to meet your IT, cybersecurity, and cloud needs.
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Tailored approach

Tailored approach

Armed with extensive tech expertise and a unique IT approach, we focus on your IT with a creative and comprehensive IT strategy tailored to your specific business needs.
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Reliable protection

Reliable protection

As a certified Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), we provide reliable data protection with 24/7/365 tech support, ensuring that your company is protected, efficient, and competitive.
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Integrated team

Integrated team

IT support is more than the cost of doing business. Our team becomes YOUR team, working closely with you to learn your business goals, challenges, and opportunities.
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Positive experience

Positive experience

We want your experience with our team to be a positive, enjoyable, personalized one that inspires a culture of success that transfers not only to your employees but also your customers.
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Collaborative partnership

Collaborative partnership

When we partner, YOUR business is OUR business. It’s a long-term partnership, providing unbiased and expert-level technology services with transparency and collaboration.
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Professional IT support for the financial industry: what to consider

Information technology has changed the way that just about every industry functions, including financial businesses and accounting. Managed IT Services help organizations ensure the right people and the right resources are allocated in the best possible ways, which in turn, provides a significant cost savings and financial benefit. Other common initiatives Managed IT Services supports includes improving customer satisfaction, investing in new resources, optimizing the use of existing resources and refining organizational agility.

Managed IT Services for financial companies and their benefits

Take a look at how your business can benefit from using custom IT solutions for your financial company.

Infrastructure expenses reduction

Collaboration with a Managed Security Service Provider reduces infrastructure costs in a number of different ways. When a Managed Security Service Provider takes control of your infrastructure and provides custom IT solutions for your financial company, you are able to downsize the amount of infrastructure you have on-site by using their data centers. You not only save on the cost of the hardware, but also on the energy it uses and the space required to house it. Additionally, you’ll see savings related to licensing, training and consulting. All of these needs are covered by your tech partner. These services are all streamlined and better managed via a single provider.

Immediate expert-level support

Everybody knows: time is money. IT problems disrupt productivity and slow down projects. And time spent struggling to solve IT problems is money wasted. When you choose IT support provided by professionals like Klik, you won’t have employees waiting for someone to sort out their technical problem. Instead, you’ll be able to immediately contact a dedicated engineer who can solve your problem and get your business back on track, oftentimes within minutes.

Financial data protection

The security of you and your customers’ financial information has become more important than ever. The reality is that financial organizations face more threats to their confidential data than at any other time in history. Your company needs a network that is secure, and a team of Cyber Security experts with the tools to monitor, detect, and respond to the cyber threats to your organization. As a Managed Security Service Provider, Klik will monitor your perimeter 24/7/365 to detect any possible threats— and stop them in their tracks.

Employee productivity

Your employees rely on technology more than ever and nothing hinders productivity like a network that’s down or a computer that’s slow and unresponsive. That’s why you need a partner that takes a proactive role in maintaining your financial IT services. An experienced Managed Security Services provider like Klik will offer a maintenance plan that will make sure your network is in peak working condition, meaning your employees can service customers without a hitch, and that your customers get the level of service they demand.

24/7 data backup and recovery

The consequences of financial and transactional data loss can be crippling to a business, and some never recover. Klik Solutions offers scalable solutions to secure your financial company’s network and the devices you rely on. We also implement a backup solution in the event of a breach, allowing you continued productivity as your issue is resolved.

Instant access to business information

Cloud technologies allow the storage of business information in a secured cloud server. When an accountant uses cloud computing solutions, the business owner has immediate access via his computer to all accounting information. Any credits or debits made or notated by either party are immediately available for review. This accessibility makes it possible for business owners to review the valuable financial information needed to run operations.

Business software advancements

Accounting and tax software advancements have streamlined the entire process of accounting and filing returns. Most financial software integrates with most corporate tax software, which means the data is quickly segmented and categorized in the appropriate tax categories. Not only does this make tax filing faster, but it also makes it more accurate.

Bank information accessibility

Major financial programs and banks sync with a few mouse clicks. Online accessibility provides bank information to the accountant as soon as it is available, which streamlines the process of monthly bank account balancing. Business records stay up to date, and the accountant’s life at tax time a lot easier, which minimizes costs to the company.

How to become more competitive via custom IT solutions

Accounting and finance firms have a uniquely interdependent relationship with technology. Klik Solutions helps firms to adapt to rapid changes in the industry, regulations, and client expectations. Klik Solutions Managed IT Services for financial companies provides IT solutions for the financial services, technical expertise, and IT services you need to develop anew cost-effective structure that ensures your success.

What you need is IT Services for your financial business

Klik Solutions clients include accounting and financial firms of all sizes, large and small. We provide wide range of services, from supporting end users and installing servers to Cyber Security and Cloud solutions. We understand the demands of the financial industry and provide fast responses, and we proactively look for any issues that may slow you down.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is managed care in healthcare?

In IT terms, managed care in the healthcare field is related to the set of tech-related practices aimed at improving the workflow of medical workers and healthcare business owners. It includes IT consulting, helpdesk support, hosting, network monitoring and maintenance, data security, migration to the cloud, remote access to data, data backup and disaster recovery.

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