Full Managed IT for an Construction company

Full Managed IT for an Construction company


An international company approached Klik Solutions because they needed help with some IT projects. Eventually, they were impressed with how strong our technical team was and the value we could give to their company. This experience convinced them to hire Klik for IT Support. Our partnership was cemented when they were attacked by crypto-locker, and we helped them to get out of it quickly.

Client profile:

Klik Solutions was hired by an international company with over seven offices worldwide and at least 150 employees. They are one of the leaders in producing very specific clay minerals used for industrial, agricultural, and construction applications.

The Problem and the Challenge:

  • They needed an IT company to help them with some projects to offload their internal IT.
  • This working experience made them see our capabilities, which eventually resulted in a partnership with us for IT support.
  • They got hit by a crypto-locker and ransomware, which caused their systems to go down. For an international company, that equals losing significant revenue.

The Solution:

Our Technical cybersecurity expertise came to rescue. We quickly pinpointed where the attack came from, remediated their losses, and got them back up and running again. We were able to cut downtown significantly without losing their revenue.


  • We helped them bring all their systems back up.
  • We were able to save their money by bringing back their operations quickly.
  • Every day, we are monitoring their environment. All our managed services tools are in full effect, so we are ready to act fast if there are more cyber-attacks coming.
  • Our technical team was able to pinpoint where the attack came from quickly. We had only two tech professionals to handle this attack and get systems back up in no time.
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