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The Positive Impact Of IT Support For Nonprofits

Donors, sponsors, board members and volunteers rely upon technology to make connections, grow awareness, sustain your mission, and achieve outcomes. Effective Nonprofit IT must balancing the costs of overhead with impact of technology. This is imperative to demonstrate the value of your nonprofit and ability to achieve outcomes. Klik.Solutions IT Support empowers nonprofits of all sizes and missions to maximize meaningful outcomes through technology.

Involved pupils. Smiling young pupils feeling extremely cheerful and involved in cleaning up the forest and volunteering

Exceptional IT Consultation for Nonprofits & Associations

Your nonprofit is built to sustain your mission. When it comes to sustaining your technology, Klik.Solutions is your tech leadership team. We guide your nonprofit to leverage your current technology, integrate with new technologies to sustain mission and reduce the overhead of IT costs.

  • Budgeting & Managing IT overhead​
  • Technology research & recommendations including Nonprofit discounts​
  • Strategy to align technology with board, leadership, volunteers & donors
  • Application guidance to take advantage of new nonprofit application opportunities​
  • Automation & intelligence to lower labor costs and expand donor base​
  • Creating technology roadmap & adjusting to maintain balance of budget & performance​

Klik.Solutions Understands the Unique Challenges of Nonprofits

New tax laws, increasing competition for donor money, and the information donors use for giving decisions impact budgets and performance. Klik.Solutions expertise in Nonprofit IT gives you the ingenuity your organization needs to leverage technology for better outcomes.

  • Growth & Revenue Generation
  • Funding & Donors
  • Budget & Overhear
  • Donor Communications, Reporting & Measuring outcomes
  • Data security & Compliance
  • Staffing & Recruting Advantages
Involved pupils. Smiling young pupils feeling extremely cheerful and involved in cleaning up the forest and volunteering

IT Support & IT Consultation Services exclusively for Nonprofits & Associations

Your team, volunteers, board members and donors work in your community or communities around the world. Klik.Support supports your technology and your people 24×7 so they can move your mission forward – uniterrupted.

  • 24×7 IT Support team handles your end users with a personal touch. 
  • 24×7 technology optimization maximizes performance & security
  • Technology life cycle management for ideal technology ROI
  • License & subscription management for security & cost savings

Nonprofits collect important personal data from donors and volunteers. This requires your organization to adhere to one or multiple compliance guidelines such as PCI/PDI, HIPAA, GDPR and more. Klik.Solutions takes a thorough, holistic approach to your security.

  • Compliant patching and updates of hardware & software
  • Managed next generation antivirus including ransomware protection​
  • Compliant SIEM services to monitor for anomalies in your network & remediate​
  • Risk & IT Assessments​
  • Penetration Testing​
  • Policy development & enforcement​
  • Compliant data backup & storage solutions​

Application performance is mission critical to enabling your ability to manage funds. Anywhere, anytime. Klik.Solutions nonprofit expertise aligns and integrates your applications so you can maximize every dollar with positive outcomes. 

  • Integrate multiple applications
  • Maintain your technology environment for application performance & uptime
  • Manage version upgrades & application updates
  • Application deployments & provisioning
  • Managed application vendor support & licensing
  • Expertise with fundraising, management, grant management, CRM, advocacy, and other applications.

Cloud solutions provide cost benefits & reduced overhead possibilities for nonprofits. Compliant data centers invest heavily in better technology, security & performance. This could provide the opportunity to leverage more powerful technology without a major technology investment on your reports.

  • Cloud solutions & data centers for most nonprofit compliance guidelines
  • Tiered secure data storage for reduced cost of data management
  • Secure, compliant backup & restoration of data
  • Compliant data archiving for low cost data storage
  • Compliant technology infrastructure & application hosting

Nonprofit teams are typically mobile, and fundraising opportunities are everywhere. Mobile applications for fundraising removes barriers to donations anywhere and speaks to a younger generation of giving individuals. Klik.Solutions mobile IT Support solutions ensure the ability of your nonprofit to work seamlessly with your community to sustain missions.

  • Support for tablets, smartphones, “all-in-one” devices, and more
  • Fully compliant data security tools
  • Physical device controls including accessibility, port lockout, and remote wipe capabilities

Testimonials & Case Studies

Anne, Director, Nonprofit Organization
"I know we’re not one of your bigger clients, but your team jumped thru hoops for us this week. I really appreciate that, thanks!"

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