IT for Nonprofits and Associations

The Positive Impact Of IT Support For Nonprofits

Donors, sponsors, board members and volunteers rely upon technology to make connections, grow awareness, sustain your mission, and achieve outcomes. Effective Nonprofit IT must balance the costs of overhead with impact of technology. This is imperative to demonstrate the value of your nonprofit and ability to achieve outcomes. Klik.Solutions IT Services and Support empower nonprofits of all sizes and missions to maximize meaningful outcomes through technology.

The Unique Challenges of Nonprofits

New tax laws, increasing competition for donor money, and the information donors use for giving decisions impact budgets and performance. Klik.Solutions expertise in Nonprofit IT gives you the ingenuity your organization needs to leverage technology for better outcomes.

Growth & Revenue Generation

Funding & Donors

Budget & Overhead

Donor Communications, Reporting & Measuring outcomes

Data security & Compliance

Staffing & Recruiting Advantages

Exceptional IT Consultation for Nonprofits & Associations

Your nonprofit is built to sustain your mission. When it comes to sustaining your technology, Klik.Solutions is your tech leadership team. We guide your nonprofit to leverage your current technology, integrate with new technologies to sustain mission and reduce the overhead of IT costs.

Budgeting & Managing IT overhead​​

Technology research & recommendations

Strategy to align technology with board, leadership, volunteers & donors

Application guidance to take advantage of new nonprofit application opportunities

Automation & intelligence to lower labor costs and expand donor base​

Creating & adjusting technology roadmap to balance budget with performance

IT Services Designed for Nonprofits & Associations

Your team, volunteers, board members and donors work in your community or communities around the world. Klik.Support supports your technology and your people 24x7 so they can move your mission forward - uniterrupted.

  • 24x7 IT Support team handles your end users with a personal touch
  • 24x7 technology optimization maximizes performance & security
  • Technology life cycle management for ideal technology ROI
  • License & subscription management for security & cost savings


Anne - Director, Nonprofit Organization
"I know we’re not one of your bigger clients, but your team jumped thru hoops for us this week. I really appreciate that, thanks!"

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