Managed IT

Imagine having unlimited technical capabilities to expand your vision. Klik Solutions IT Services are the sum of extraordinary people and advanced technology platforms that simply deliver a premium IT experience. All while reducing your overall IT costs.

Premium IT Experience & Lower IT Costs.

Klik Solutions IT Services & IT Support are creatively designed to deliver more than just technical solutions to common organizational challenges. Our difference is how we combine technical and business expertise with a dedication to a positive experience for every person in your organization. As a result, our clients enjoy a premium level of IT typically at a significant savings over their pre-Klik IT.

Our Goals:

Impact and impress your people and your clients
Encourage & empower employees to do more
Confidently use emerging tools for productivity & profitability
Significant savings for a premium IT experience

What is
Managed IT?

The right IT Support is critical for any organization to grow, compete, deliver amazing client satisfaction, and retain talent.

If technology is such an important component of your business, then isn’t managing IT critical to your success? Klik Solutions IT Services inspires your organization to embrace the amazing possibilities of business transformation. We integrate as your internal IT Support, delivering an exceptional IT experience so your people can focus on new ways to advance business.


Managed IT services we offer

IT Leadership

IT Leadership

Exceptional IT Guidance to uncover new opportunities for your organization. Our IT leaders, business pros & entrepreneurs speak your language even if you don’t speak IT.

24X7 IT Support

24X7 IT Support

Enjoy the confidence of consistent quality of support any time, day or night. Experienced techs & engineers respond quickly to planned or unplanned events intuitively.

24X7 High Performance

24X7 High Performance

Optimizing your people by maximizing your tech. Highly specialized tools & processes maintain, secure, and unleash the power of your hardware & software.



Protect your organization, people & clients. A holistic, advanced approach includes advanced security for your technology, plus end user security training for your people.

Positive Impact

Positive Impact

We make a positive impact on your people & clients. IT Support expertise from companies like Unilever, Google, Toyota means we know people as well as technology.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

The smallest details can mean big cost savings. We manage your tech inventory, vendor support, warranty, subscriptions and more. Eliminate wasted spending & technical debt.

Managed IT
can help?

Managed IT services bring our robust technology team into your organizational chart, providing help desk, engineering services, and the expertise of a Chief Technology Officer.

This allows you to fully focus on growing your business while having an enterprise-level technology team backing you up.



Benefits for clients

Superior IT Support

Access to fully staffed help desk and engineering team with no need to hire in-house personnel.


Access to our technology advisory team focused on growing your business and assessing your technical needs.

High Return on Investment

High return on investment – for the same cost as a small in-house team, Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) offers a lot more resources to benefit your business.

Avoid Security Breaches

Avoid security breaches – you can keep your organization completely safe by outsourcing your cybersecurity to an MSP who will keep your systems up-to-date with the latest defenses.

Up-time Management

Better management of up-time – every IT system needs to be updated regularly to increase efficiency and avoid down-time. To maximize up-time during a regular workday, system updates are typically done after hours.

Reinvest in Your Business

Reinvest in your business – often, budget constraints limit the opportunities for your business to expand. By outsourcing IT services and shrinking your inhouse team, you will save money which you can then invest back into your business.

Looking for support?

We solve our client’s immediate IT problems on the spot.


Why Klik Solutions?

Worldwide 24/7/365 support

Fast Response

Technical issues fixed right away

Full transparency

Reliable security and protection

Tools to grow your business


Select your personal pricing plan

MSP Complete

IT support and management services with personal support

Includes Premium SLA

Unlimited 24×7 Access to Service Desk

Client Portal

Live Chat Support

TXT To Ticket

MSP Complete Advanced

Includes MSP Complete + and Klik Assure (Security Bundle)

Includes Premium SLA

Unlimited 24×7 Access to Service Desk

Client Portal

Live Chat Support

TXT To Ticket

MSP Complete Plus

Includes MSP Complete and Klik Protect (Security) Bundles

Includes Premium SLA

Unlimited 24×7 Access to Service Desk

Client Portal

Live Chat Support

TXT To Ticket

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How do we managed?

1 step


We assess your current systems and business processes.

2 step


We gather information to come up customized support plan based on each customers unique requirements.

3 step

Engagement Kick-Off

We begin by delivering our plan that will allow our clients to benefit from a truly Amazing IT experience.

4 step


We add our security tools to keep your systems safe
We add our remote tools to better serve end users
We document all relevant information as it relates to IT.

5 step


We monitor your systems to keep them secure and optimized 24X7X365.

6 step


We work with you to determine how technology can help your grow your business and increase productivity.

7 step


Our Help Desk and engineering team work to resolve any issues quickly and accurately.

8 step

Constantly improving

We compare your system with current industry standards and work with you to constantly improve security and efficiency, so you remain safe and productive.

Cloud Platform we Support

google cloud

Managed IT Services and their role for Business growth and success

The right IT Support is critical for any company to grow, compete, deliver amazing customer experience, and retain talent. If technology is such an important component of your business, then isn’t managing IT critical for your success?

IT Managed services is a comprehensive service that is delivered by a Managed service provider. Klik Solutions managed IT services for business inspires your organization to embrace the amazing possibilities of business transformation. We integrate as your internal IT Support, delivering an exceptional IT experience so your people can focus on new ways to advance business.

Let’s overview why IT Managed Services are so important. First, Managed IT Services for Businesses are a good way of achieving desirable business outcomes. IT service provider takes care of all the tech related issues allowing you to focus on strategic goals and managing the workflow. In other words, IT experts give you peace of mind. Managed service providers take care of your IT while you concentrate on running your business.

Types of Services provided by professional MSP

IT Managed services offer proactive support. So instead of spending time on fixing problems professional Managed Service Provider focuses on identifying potential risks before problems occur, keeping your systems up and your problems down.

Managed Service Provider starts collaboration with strategic planning that is based on customers’ business goals. Strategic IT planning is the key to the overall success, because nowadays being IT competitive means being competitive in general. Managed IT service provider will help you to decide what IT systems you will need in 12 or 24 months’ time to be one step ahead of other market players. IT Managed services help you see a perspective and give you advice on what you need to plan. This links to proactive support and ensures that your IT infrastructure and software is upgraded and updated to minimize risks such as downtime, cyber security threats and critical data losses.

Collaboration with Managed IT Service provider give you access to a high –level expertise when you need it. You don’t just get day-to-day IT support; you also get an IT manager and a virtual CIO so you can think strategically about how IT fits into your company’s structure. Apart of benefits there are some challenges to consider when choosing a Managed Service Company.

If the reason you go with IT managed services is a desire to improve your operational efficiency and remove some blockers that affect productivity of your team you need to hold providers accountable and make sure they are delivering the best quality services.

As part of a IT managed service you get advise on strategic IT planning. Make sure that your IT outsourced service management is proactive enough in planning for the next period of time. Keep in mind the future scaling of your business and related IT needs.

Key components of Managed IT Services for Businesses

An IT assessment is another essential component of collaboration with Managed IT Service provider. Make sure that IT outsourcing starts from IT audit and strategy elaboration.

When choosing a Managed service provider, make sure your future vendor meet your requirements. Often, if you are evaluating based purely on cost, you may not find the right partner. Remember that IT plays a significant role in your entire organization nowadays. It’s important to work with someone that has your best interests in mind and put customers’ interests first.

There are several types of services available on the market now. The first one is in-house IT department, another one is Fully Managed IT services and so-called hybrid option or Co-Managed IT model. All options have their benefits and disadvantages; the question is which one is better for your company’s needs?

Let’s take a closer look at the available models side by side based on different criteria.


While Fully Managed IT takes full responsibility and acts like your IT department, Co-Managed IT implies that responsibility is shared with your in-house IT staff. An internal IT team is normally more aware of business strategy, company’s goals, and industry specifics, while a Co-Managed IT service gives a strategic partnership and comprehensive reliable support.


Managed IT services for business are autonomous and fully accountable for your systems while Co-Managed IT is a more flexible option that can be easily adapted to changing customer needs or implementing new solutions.


With Co-Managed IT, your staff will have more time for innovation and internal projects. With Fully Managed IT, your provider can act like a virtual Chief Information Officer erasing the urge to fill that position. It is not necessary to hire a Chief Information Officer if an organization quite rarely needs high-level expert consulting. Having a Co-Managed IT allows getting an advisory session with a vCIO only when it is required.


Routine maintenance, upgrades, and patches take time and require additional effort. It is especially important during peak business season. With Co-Managed IT, the Managed Service Provider easily handles all these issues while the internal IT team gets more time to concentrate on major projects.

In-house personnel

While Fully Managed IT completely eliminates the need to hire IT staff, with Co-Managed model, you will be required to have people in-house.

Cost Effectiveness

Despite the fact that you work with both a full-time in house IT department and an external IT department, the overall costs will reduce because of more productivity through technology.

Reliable security and access to the latest solutions

Co-managed IT has the resources and skills to implement new technologies. Most of them are official partners of well-known IT solutions and systems developers.

How to choose the right Managed Service Company

Often, the preference depends on the current state, goals, needs and focus of the company. In the situation when a business already has a few IT people and wants outsourcing some or most of the tasks, then the best solution would be Co-Managed IT.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does managed IT services mean?

Managed IT services stands for the practice of outsourcing tech- and IT-related processes of the business in order to improve operations, increase productivity and optimize costs. Managed IT services are delivered by an IT service provider. Because of its effectiveness and convenience the popularity of Managed IT Services for Businesses constantly increases.

Why do we need managed services?

Technology is getting more and more integrated with companies, streamlining processes, getting insightful data, and increasing your efficiency. As an MSP, we can help you offload some of your IT, so you can focus on strategic goals and business growth. We will take care of your sensitive data security, so cyber attacks won’t bother you anymore. And when you need an advice about new technologies or solutions, we’ll be there for you.

Who are the top managed service providers?

There are different rankings in various categories. But there are some indicators which differentiate a good Managed service provider regardless of the scale of their business. They are proactive approach, putting customers’ success first, striving for excellent customer experience, continuous enlarging the area of expertise and getting industry certifications.

What are the types of managed services?

There are several types of managed services available on the market now. The first one is in-house IT department, another one is Fully Managed IT services and so-called hybrid option or Co-Managed IT model. All options have their benefits and disadvantages and the choice depends on company’s actual needs. Co-Managed IT and Fully Managed IT belong to our area of expertise.

What does managed security services mean?

Managed security services (MSS) are network security services that have been outsourced to a Managed service provider. Common services include managed firewall, intrusion detection, virtual private network, vulnerability scanning and anti-viral services. Managed service providers provide 24/7 monitoring to detect any threats and prevent any attacks or data losses.

Why Should I choose Managed IT Services in Baltimore?

Our goal is providing an amazing IT experience to all our customers. This has been our mission from the first day and remains the main guidance in our work.

Is your Help desk available after business hours?

We offer 24x7x365 support and work in different time zones, so your business is protected reliably.

Why does any organization need IT Assessment?

When we start working with our clients, small and medium sized businesses, we always begin by completing an IT infrastructure assessment and IT environment assessment first because it is an essential step towards providing effective Managed IT services. We need to be aware of all the preconditions, security issues and priorities alongside long-term goals.

To schedule your assessment Klik Here for a Proposal. Don’t delay it utill it’s too late.

What technical expertise does your Help Desk have?

Our tech team has a wide array of certifications from different technology partners. Microsoft, Veeam, Sophos are some of the top certs that our tech team has. On top of this, they continually strive for excellence by seeking more training and certifications for other applications.

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