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Full Managed IT Services for a Food Distribution Company

A large dairy distribution company approached us because of a recent ransomware attack on their organization. We carried out a review to ensure sure all of their systems were safe. They were so impressed with the review that, going forward, they decided to hire Klik Solutions to provide Full Managed IT Support. To this day, they remain one of our favorite companies to work with.

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Full Managed IT Services for a Construction company

An international company approached Klik Solutions for help with some IT projects. They were impressed with our strong technical team and the value we provided. Following this experience, they decided to hire Klik for IT Support. Our partnership was cemented when they were attacked by crypto-locker, and we managed to quickly restore their systems.

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Full Managed IT Services for a Law Office

A large law office in Baltimore was having technical problems with their Managed Services Provider. They had a slow response time and did not have the proper high-level engineering resources in place. We stepped in to discover what was actually happening under the hood.

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Full Managed IT Services for a Non-Profit

A non-profit organization that caters to people with disabilities was having problems with their IT support. Their Service Provider had a slow response time and did not have a proper service-level agreement (SLA). Klik stepped in to see what could be done to reduce costs and help their cause.

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Business Analytics for a Medical Firm

Klik Solutions recently acquired a large medical company in Maryland as a client. The medical firm was concerned about security and was experiencing outages that strongly affected the operation of medical equipmet. Accordingly, these issues endangered work with the clinic’s clients. We stepped in to assist.

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Helping a Health Care Company Focus on CARE

A growing company in the home health care industry initially contacted Klik Solutions to discuss a migration of data to a Microsoft 365. Once we got our foot in the door, we quickly identified a number of needs beyond data migration that, if implemented, would provide higher levels of compliance with regulations, greater security around sensitive patient data and an IT environment that better suits their operational needs.

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Klik Analytics for a Food Distribution Company

In this case study, we will explore how Klik Analytics helped a food distribution company overcome the challenges posed by antiquated spreadsheet-based data management and leverage the power of data analytics to enhance its processes and decision-making capabilities. With the guidance and expertise of Klik Analytics, the company successfully modernized its data practices, resulting in improved operational efficiency and increased profitability.

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