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Every layer of your firm - attorneys, paralegals, administration - is choreographed to exceed your client expectations while driving more profitable billing. Klik.Solutions is Legal IT all covered to support the unique details of what your clients demand and your people need. Leverage technology more easily to position your firm well above the competition.


Aligning IT & Law Firm Goals

What is the role of IT for your law firm? Our expertise working with law and legal services firms of all sizes enables our team to deliver IT support focused on your specific goals. You’ll have confidence knowing your IT, people, and clients align to communicate and work seamlessly together.

Finely Tailored Legal IT Support

Your expertise is in providing exceptional legal services to clients. Klik.Solutions understands the challenges and goals when it comes to your law firm. Our expertise is providing the Legal IT leadership and IT support your firm needs to easily transform technology from a burden to a competitive advantage. We personalize IT support and tailor a legal tech strategy to help your firm solve challenges and exceed goals.


IT Support for Successful Law Firms

IT Support is the backbone of a successful Law Firm. How your technology presents your firm and interacts with clients drives perceptions of quality of service and client outcomes. Led by expertise in supporting legal teams for large global organizations, Klik.Solutions unique IT Services model gives you the tools to earn client trust by protecting data, improving communications, meeting critical deadlines while improving the efficiency and capabilities of your entire staff.

Managed Legal IT Services

24×7 tech team, engineers & IT leadership maximizing your ability to profitably service clients. Klik.Solutions Managed Legal IT Services are tailored to any size law or legal services firm with a focus on your outcomes. From projects to resolving tickets – planned or unplanned – you’ll have a complete team working to make technology a power tool. Services include:

  • 24×7 IT Support Team by experienced Legal IT tech support staff
  • 24×7 technology optimization including compliant security patches & updates
  • Technology life cycle management for compliance & cost savings
  • License & subscription management for security & cost savings
  • Vendor management, your single point for support for hardware, applications, phone, video, document management, workflow vendors, and more

Clients come to you with problems to be solved. They share private information with an expectation of privilege, protection, confidence. It’s a personal, emotional relationship demanding that you to utilize the best tools of the legal trade to ensure that confidence. Klik.Solutions Legal IT Services incorporate compliant data security services to help your organization meet the complex compliance requirements of clients. When it comes to protecting clients, we’ve earned our reputation by helping law firms maintain theirs 

  • 24×7 Network & Firewall Management
  • Complicant full system log monitoring. Scans, detects & removes malicious activity on your network.
  • Compliant managed anti-virus, antimalware, & ransomware protection. Continuously providing the most current, up to the minute protection.
  • Compliant patch management & updating policies

Compliance regulations demand more than just implementing security products. Klik.Solutions expert Compliance Services address data protection across a wide range of client compliance requirements. Easily and confidently respond to client compliance surveys to earn new client business.

  • IT Assessments
  • Security & Risk Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Technology hardening & security remediation 
  • Compliance-specific Security Policy development & enforcement
  • SOX, HIPAA, PCI/PDI, and more

High performance legal applications are amazing tools to enable your firm to better service clients securely & profitably. The shared experiences from our techs and Legal IT clients provide real world expertise with popular and evolutionary applications. We’ll help you manage your firm, cases, and client data so you can focus on doing what you do best.

  • Expertise with the right Legal applications that fit your practice
  • Maintain optimal technology environment for performance & uptime
  • Manage upgrades & updates
  • Application deployments & integration
  • Managed application & vendor support

Simple, secure, agile cloud solutions to advance your firm. Our end to end cloud strategy & implementation ensure your legal tech is properly fitted to maximize the benefits of a cloud solution. 

  • Compliant cloud solutions & data centers
  • Tiered secure data storage for reduced cost of rapidly increasing client data
  • Secure, compliant backup & restoration of client data
  • Compliant data archiving for low cost data storage
  • Secure cloud based file sharing
  • Compliant technology infrastructure & application hosting

Mobile devices improve efficiency and data accessibility while allowing attorneys to spend more time in front of clients. Klik.Solutions maximizes your mobile users with advanced security, device optimization, provisioning. All protected and synced with your network without skipping a beat.

  • Support for tablets, smartphones, “all-in-one” devices, and more
  • Compliant data security tools
  • Physical device controls including accessibility, port lockout, and remote wipe capabilities
  • Secure file sharing for mobile

According to Thomson Reuters, lawyers spend 40% of their day doing non-billable tasks. What if upgrading your IT support improves uptime, workflows, and efficiencies without draining your time while reducing IT costs? Klik.Solutions leads your firm with the right balance of IT and business guidance to help you focus on more billable hours.​

  • Technology plan & implementation strategy development 
  • Technology & application recommendations, procurement
  • Legal IT Consulting to provide guidance & adapt to new technologies
  • Stay ahead of Legal IT trends & regulations

Legal Applications Tailored To Fit Your Law Firm

Testimonials & Case Studies

Jim, Partner, Legal Services Firm
"Your help desk is absolutely top notch, no question."
Steve, IT Manager, Law Firm
"You guys make my life so much easier. Migrated our integrated email to 365 with no issue. Found new equipment solutions that were lower cost options that do more for what we need and installed faster than we expected. I’ll highly recommend klik!"
Case Study
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