Full Managed IT for a Law Office

Full Managed IT for a Law Office



A large law office in Baltimore was having technical problems with their Managed Services Provider. They had a slow response time and did not have the proper high-level engineering resources in place. We stepped in to check what was actually happening under there.



Client profile:


Klik Solutions was brought into a Large Law Office in Baltimore to examine what was going on with their Managed Services Provider at that time. The Law Office has been very profitable with their offices spreading across the country. They had hundreds of users every day, from clerks, office admins, lawyers, up to the owners themselves. Even though IT was not their business, it certainly played an essential role in their operations.



The Problem
and the Challenge:


  • They had a slow response time with their Service Provider. In addition, their current provider couldn’t deliver high-level engineering resources required for the law office.
  • On top of this, their service provider was asking for exorbitant amounts of money to buy new hardware for their data centers.


The Solution:


  • We did a full-blown assessment of what was happening in their systems. What we found was staggering. Their provider was asking them at least $17,000 for new hardware. After the assessment, Klik Solutions was able to look for alternatives ways to avoid those costs. This approach showed the superior engineering capabilities of the Klik Solutions team.
  • We partnered with them and put our tools into work. We implemented a new phone system behind the scenes. We ensured that they were covered with 365x24x7 IT Support. Our IT team made an extra mile to be proactive rather than just be a reactive force.




  • Responsiveness, we were quick to respond and provide the right solution. We were also able to consolidate their data centers.
  • By avoiding that $17,000 purchase, we already saved them money in the short run. In the long run, new phone system implementation helped lawyers be more productive, which resulted in increased revenue.



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