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From HIPPA requirements to various EMR solutions, the healthcare industry is rapidly changing and evolving. At Klik Solutions, we help you navigate this new frontier with your business goals in mind.
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IT compliance for the healthcare industry

Medical technology, including electronic medical records (EMR), telehealth services and mobile devices, are quite complex for practices of all sizes and types. Having the right technology is critical for physicians and healthcare teams as it impacts the time and resources available for patient care. Klik Solutions Health IT Services are precisely tailored to your practice, relieving the burden of high costs, complexity and compliance for you and your team. Klik Solutions clients include specialists’ offices, clinics, medical centers and hospitals. We provide a wide range of services, from supporting end-users and installing servers to Cyber Security and Cloud solutions. We understand the demands of the healthcare industry and provide fast responses as well as proactively look for any issues that may slow you down.


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Benefits for clients

Aligning IT with your practice goals:

We help you determine the best solutions to meet your practice goals

Improved workflow relieves pressure from physicians and staff:

We take inefficiencies out of your IT system, allowing you to fully focus on patient care (and not IT)

Free more time to spend caring for patients:

We proactively make sure your systems are up and running at peak performance so you can focus on patient care

Greatly reduce stress and burnout:

We make your IT issues our responsibility which reduces your team’s stress and burnout from constantly fighting IT-related issues

Looking for support?

We solve our client’s immediate IT problems on the spot.


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World-class security systems 24/7/365 security monitoring
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Five must-haves for effective IT support for the healthcare industry

Let’s take a closer look at five must-haves for effective IT support for the healthcare industry. 1. A knowledgeable support team. Although it may seem like common sense, an IT support team that’s knowledgeable about its offerings is a must for healthcare IT services vendors. A knowledgeable Managed Security Services Provider must understand the customer’s internal processes and the healthcare industry in general. Current healthcare IT standards are complex and have both terms and processes not found in IT jobs outside of healthcare. 2. HIPAA Compliance. Speaking of data, one of the most important factors that have shaped the healthcare industry into what it is today is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). HIPAA is a regulation that ensures the protection of sensitive patient information or any other data encompassed in electronically protected health information (ePHI). In order to comply with HIPAA, a medical company, a healthcare services provider, or any other independent practice must have physical and online security measures in order to safeguard sensitive information. 3. Cost-effectiveness. Providing the best care for the greatest value with optimal efficiency is challenging for any healthcare organization, particularly when competition and compliance are thrown into the mix of competing demands. But, proactively adopting healthcare IT solutions can increase the return on investment in even the most transformative of projects by increasing efficiency and improving care for customers. 4. Responsiveness. It is critically important to get a prompt response from a Managed IT Security Service Provider so customers always have access to a knowledgeable person. After the initial response to the request, the support team should stay in regular contact with the client until the problem is resolved to the customer’s satisfaction, without exception. And when it comes to the healthcare industry time matters more than in any other business field. 5. Improved care with the healthcare IT solutions. Many healthcare organizations start the collaboration with Managed Security Service Providers initially for the cost alone. But they eventually find out that once they get those cost savings, they still must either maintain or increase the quality of service that they provide. IT managed services can improve healthcare companies experience by enabling “doing the right things and doing things right”, establishing framework for innovation and operations, measuring and enhancing customer satisfaction, ensuring continuity of performance, implementing methods for continuous service improvements.

How your healthcare company benefits from IT Services for your healthcare business

From HIPPA requirements to various EMR solutions, the healthcare industry is rapidly changing and evolving. At Klik Solutions, we help you navigate this new frontier with your business goals in mind. With our Managed IT Services for Healthcare Companies, you will get more free more time to spend caring for patients, as we proactively make sure your systems are up and running at peak performance so you can focus on patient care.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is managed care in healthcare?

In IT terms, managed care in the healthcare field is related to the set of tech-related practices aimed at improving the workflow of medical workers and healthcare business owners. It includes IT consulting, helpdesk support, hosting, network monitoring and maintenance, data security, migration to the cloud, remote access to data, data backup and disaster recovery.

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