Your data can take you places
What is your destination?

Data is a key business asset that should not be overlooked. Whether you are looking at sales statistics, staff productivity or customer satisfaction, data points you in the direction of what is going well and what needs to be addressed in your business operations. Why not use it to take your business where you want it to go!

    Maria Shapoval
    Maria Shapoval
    Data Analyst
    Bill Pritchard
    Bill Pritchard
    Director of Data Analytics


    Consult with our team to identify key data points to explore, develop dashboards and gauges, and implement a data culture plan.
    Deploy key gauges and dashboards across your organization.
    Maintain and/or modify dashboards and data gauges as needed. Develop and deploy new gauges.

    Industries and Data Metrics 

    Healthcare Analytics 

    Healthcare Analytics 

    • Patient satisfaction scores
    • Length of hospital stays
    • Readmission rates
    • Mortality rates
    • Diagnosis accuracy rates
    • Healthcare staff productivity
    Accounting/Finance Analytics 

    Accounting/Finance Analytics 

    • Cash flow projections
    • Profit margin ratios
      Return on equity (ROE)
    • Debt-to-equity ratio
    • Accounts payable turnover rates
    • Accounts receivable aging
    Retail Analytics 

    Retail Analytics 

    • Sales revenue
    • Customer foot traffic
    • Conversion rates
      Average order value (AOV)
    • Inventory turnover rate
    • Customer retention rates
    Education Analytics 

    Education Analytics 

    • Graduation rate
    • Dropout rates
    • Student achievement scores
    • Teacher effectiveness ratings
    • Enrollment rates
    • Student demographics
    Hospitality Analytics 

    Hospitality Analytics 

    • Occupancy rates
    • Average daily rate (ADR)
    • Revenue per available room (RevPAR)
    • Customer satisfaction scores
    • Food and beverage sales
    • Staff turnover rates
    Information Technology Analytics 

    Information Technology Analytics 

    • Application performance metrics
    • Server uptime and downtime rates
    • Network latency and bandwidth usage
    • User adoption rates
    • Software defect rates
    • Customer support response times
    Digital Marketing Analytics 

    Digital Marketing Analytics 

    • Website traffic
    • Click-through rates (CTR)
    • Conversion rates
    • Cost per acquisition (CPA)
    • Return on ad spend (ROAS)
    • Social media engagement rates
    Nonprofit Analytics 

    Nonprofit Analytics 

    • Donor acquisition and retention rates
    • Volunteer participation rates
    • Fundraising campaign ROI
    • Program impact metrics
    • Social media engagement metrics
    • Website traffic and conversion rates
    Energy Analytics

    Energy Analytics

    • Power generation capacity
    • Energy consumption rates
    • Energy efficiency metrics
    • Carbon emissions levels
    • Equipment downtime rates
    • Maintenance costs
    Cybersecurity Analytics 

    Cybersecurity Analytics 

    • Threat detection rates
    • Incident response times
    • Vulnerability assessment scores
    • Security audit results
    • Compliance with regulatory standards
    • Employee security training completion rates
    Manufacturing Analytics 

    Manufacturing Analytics 

    • Production cycle time
    • Capacity utilization rates
    • Supply chain lead time
    • Order fulfillment accuracy rates
    • Quality control metrics
    • Equipment maintenance costs
    Transportation and Logistics Analytics

    Transportation and Logistics Analytics

    • On-time delivery rates
    • Vehicle utilization rates
    • Fleet fuel efficiency
    • Route optimization metrics
    • Inventory turnover rates
    • Customer satisfaction scores
    Legal Analytics 

    Legal Analytics 

    • Billable hours
    • Collection rate of fees
    • Time entry compliance rates
    • Case closure rates
    • Client satisfaction scores
    • Employee productivity metrics
    Construction Analytics 

    Construction Analytics 

    • Project completion rates
    • Safety incident rates
    • Project cost variance
    • Change order frequency
    • Equipment utilization rates
    • Resource allocation efficiency

    Don’t see your industry? No problem!
    We can provide data analytics services to any interested industry!

    Your Data Journey is Unique

    What parts of your business are working well?​

    What areas of your business do you want to explore at a deeper level?

    What are the key KPIs that you use to measure your business and employee success?​

    How can you make your business more successful?​

    What aspects of your business are your pAIN Points?​

    Why Your Business Cannot Survive without Data Analytics 

    In today’s fast-paced business landscape, data is king. It’s no longer enough to rely on gut instincts and hunches to make important business decisions. To not only survive but thrive in this data-driven world, businesses need to harness the power of analytics. By analyzing data, businesses can uncover valuable insights that can help them make more informed decisions, identify new opportunities, and stay ahead of the competition.

    Klik Analytics can help businesses optimize their operations, improve customer experience, and drive revenue growth. By tracking key metrics and identifying trends, businesses can make data-driven decisions that have a tangible impact on their bottom line. From identifying new sales opportunities to reducing costs and improving productivity, Klik Analytics can help businesses achieve their goals faster and more efficiently. At Klik Analytics, we believe your data can take you places.  What’s your destination?

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      Data Culture Provides Rich Dividends

      Our average, across geographies, there was a 46.2% difference between data-leading and data-aware organizations with respect to treating data as an asset and recognizing the value it delivered.

      Executives in data-leading companies are eight times more likely to actively use data themselves in their work compared with data-aware companies.

      For countries with lower than average scores regarding data investments, low data literacy scores can generally be observed, demonstrating an analogous relationship between investments to realizing the value of data and data literacy.

      Steps of analytics process

      Step 1. Onboarding
      • Define-ask questions to determine the root issues to be analyzed
      • Identify and document what current process and departments are affected/ involved​
      • Identify and document all required data points and data dictionaries​
      • Review and agree on key areas to be measured and/ or 3 gauges to be developed​
      • Development of project plan
      Step 2. Connect to Data Source(s) and Obtain Data
      • Determine if data can be aggregated to a central location
      • Formulate plan and test data connections and connect data to central location, if required​
      • Obtain all relevant data
      • Client verifies accuracy of data obtained
      Step 3. Create gauges/visualizations of data
      • Create up to 3 gauges per month and verify data implemented in gauges/visualizations​
      • Combine data gauges/visualizations to create dashboards
      • Demo new gauges/ visualizations on dashboards and obtain approval for dashboards to be deployed
      Step 4. Deploy visualizations and dashboards​
      • Maintenance – maintenance and support for existing gauges/dashboard​
      • Modification – Unlimited changes for existing gauges/ dashboards​
      • Augmentation – Creation of new gauges (if new data connections are needed, additional charges may apply)

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