Case Study: Scaling IT from Scratch and Lead Generation for Panda Exteriors

Case Study: Scaling IT from Scratch and Lead Generation for Panda Exteriors



Panda Exteriors, a company in the home exteriors industry, faced some stubborn challenges in establishing its IT infrastructure and optimizing lead generation for solar panel installations. This case study explores the dual projects undertaken to onboard Panda Exteriors to managed IT services and develop a sophisticated app integrating weather data for enhanced lead qualification.



Client profile:


Founded roughly two years ago, Panda Exteriors needed the foundational IT support and infrastructure crucial for scaling their growing operations in the competitive home improvement sector. The company’s ambition to streamline its lead generation process for solar installations presented a unique challenge, necessitating a blend of IT and innovative tech solutions.



The Problem
and the Challenge:


Panda Exteriors confronted two primary challenges: the absence of a robust IT framework to support its burgeoning operations and a challenging process for identifying qualified leads that meet all the requirements for solar panel installations. The company’s reliance on traditional methods was causing inefficient allocation of resources and missed opportunities, highlighting the need for a technological intervention.


The Solution:


Managed IT Services: The first project focused on building Panda Exteriors’ IT infrastructure from scratch, encompassing network setup, device management, and the establishment of IT protocols to create a secure, scalable environment.


Weather Mapping Integration: The second, more specialized project aimed to revolutionize Panda Exteriors’ lead qualification process. By integrating a weather app’s heatmap into their CRM system, the solution provided a means to identify high-potential areas for solar panel installations efficiently, thus optimizing the sales process and reducing inefficiencies in lead generation.




The implementation of managed IT services laid the foundation for Panda Exteriors to begin to scale its operations securely and efficiently. The innovative weather mapping app is expected to significantly improve the lead qualification process, enabling the company to target potential clients more effectively and reduce the time and resources spent on unqualified leads.


“As we embarked on this transformative journey, the goal was clear: leverage cutting-edge technology to not only solidify our IT infrastructure but also to revolutionize how we identify and reach potential customers for our solar panel installations,” said a Panda Exteriors leader.


The Next Steps include the ongoing development and refinement of the weather mapping application, with future updates and feature developments planned based on initial success. Additionally, the positive trajectory of these projects opens the door to further technological advancements, including the potential creation of a proprietary CRM system tailored to Panda Exteriors’ specific needs.


“In integrating the weather heatmap with their CRM, we will be able to help Panda pinpoint with unprecedented accuracy where their services are needed the most. It’s a potential game-changer for their lead generation strategy,” Solutions Advisor with Klik Solutions, Frank Binder, noted.


The collaboration between Panda Exteriors and its IT service providers has not only addressed immediate operational challenges but also paved the way for future innovations that could redefine how the company competes in the home exteriors market. With these strategic initiatives, Panda Exteriors is well-positioned to enhance its service offerings, improve customer engagement, and drive sustainable growth.


Bill Pritchard, Director of Analytics with Klik Analytics adds, “Looking ahead, the potential to expand their tech-driven solutions and explore the creation of a proprietary CRM system is incredibly exciting. These initiatives represent just the beginning of the journey towards becoming a leader in technology-driven home improvement solutions.”


With strategic vision and innovative solutions, Panda Exteriors is setting new standards in the industry, proving that even the newest companies can lead the way in technological adoption and customer service excellence.



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