Cloud transformation
and Cloud solutions deployment

We dispel the mysteries surrounding the Cloud so you can grow your business faster.

What is Cloud Transformation?

You may not know it, but your organization already leverages the cloud to advance business in some fashion.

Email, business applications such as organization management, HR, finance, sales and others are typical cloud technology examples. Klik Solutions has set a new benchmark for how organizations experience the cloud. As an expert Cloud Services Provider, we’ve combined an uncommon mastery of cloud expertise, end user support, and detailed application knowledge for a cloud experience distinctly crafted to fit your organization.

Cloud: A New World for Your Business Cloud empowers your organization to leverage complex solutions that previously used to be out of reach for most small to mid-sized businesses. Klik Solutions is the ideal Cloud services partner to transform your vision into reality.
Uniquely constructed, our Cloud services team is led by global enterprise Cloud engineers and cloud support experts. We offer enterprise-level Cloud solutions and personal support for companies of all sizes. We will take your business to the next level using cutting-edge technologies while reducing your overall costs.


Cloud Transformation services we offer

Klik Solutions

Cloud Services Provider

Klik Solutions promises more than just a managed cloud services provider.

Our global cloud architects designed and built our own Molnii Cloud platform. Managed and supported 24×7 by our global tech support teams, your organization, people and clients benefit from a seamless cloud experience.


Cloud Strategy

Private, public, hybrid and multi-cloud solutions are seamlessly integrated.

Application guidance is provided to ensure hosting in the ideal technology environment.


Data Backup

A critical element to data protection.

Our cloud team leverages multiple solutions tailored to your compliance & organizational requirements. Managed and supported 24×7.



Take advantage of a more secure, better-performing infrastructure.

Cloud data centers consistently upgrade and refresh infrastructure, deploy compliant security, and make your data more available at a fraction of the cost of on-premises solutions.



Application, subscription and user management of your business applications.

Whether hosted in the Molnii Cloud, other platforms, or app vendor hosted, we’ll ensure the optimal cloud experience for your organization.

Microsoft 365 & Azure

Microsoft 365 & Azure

Application, subscription & user management of Microsoft 365.

Including Outlook, SharePoint, and more. Services include Microsoft 365 migration to your detailed specifications. Full management of all Azure services.

Klik Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Partner for Small and Midmarket Cloud solutions including Microsoft 365. As remote work is rapidly increasing, it becomes very important to have tools that are easy to use and allow collaboration for your employees. Microsoft 365 offers best-in-class Office apps with powerful Cloud services, device management, and advanced security.



A critical element to data protection.

There is a cost for every space you need for data. Our cloud storage solutions enable our experts to create a “tiered” storage approach to reduce storage costs considerably while protecting your data.


24X7 Support

Moving the cloud means managing change.

How applications look and perform to end users, and adapting to consistent improvements require a personable, expert tech support team. We make the benefits of the cloud simple for your people.

Cloud managed IT service

Cloud managed IT service

Gain expandable repository solutions with our Cloud Managed IT Services. Receive optimal storage in a secure digital environment.
Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery Services

It’s crucial to have a recovery plan set in place when incidents occur. Disaster recovery services or DRaaS will guarantee you have the action plan, knowledge, and assistance you need to actively fight threats.
Hybrid cloud service

Hybrid cloud service

Having a public and private storage system allows for optimal security and scalability. Use our hybrid cloud services to customize your storage space today.
Cloud migration service

Cloud migration service

Switching to the cloud can give you more space, flexibility, and security for your repositories. Make the switch with ease using our Cloud Migration Services

When Cloud can help?

Organizations leverage technology to improve performance and client experience.

When implemented properly, the cloud offers amazing convenience, efficiency, and performance. Klik Solutions Managed Cloud Services ensure your organization maximizes all the benefits the cloud has to offer:

  • High availability & uptime
  • Upgrades included – latest & greatest versions
  • Fully managed & supported
  • Highly accessible
  • Pay what you use
  • Fully scalable
  • Latest infrastructure, security & software
  • Free up performance of individual computers & endpoints
  • Mobility
  • Security
  • Disaster recovery
  • Minimum capital investment
Subscribing to cloud service is easy. Deploying the right cloud solutions, maximizing the performance and cost benefits, and ensuring your IT environment integrates seamlessly is more complex. Klik Solutions Managed Cloud delivers a complete team to expertly guide your organization through the right mix of cloud solutions for current and future requirements.
We are adept at strategy, sizing, trends, and understanding which of your application requirements are best suited to the cloud.


Benefits for clients

User Experience

There are many factors to user experience in the cloud. Some applications are too data-rich for a positive experience.

Cloud versions of applications render differently than users are accustomed to. A little latency feels like a lifetime. All of these factors leave users frustrated and less productive. Klik Solutions Managed Cloud Services gives you cloud experts who understand the capabilities of cloud applications and how to manage change for your people, ensuring a smooth transition to the cloud.

Cost vs Convenience

Cost is typically a driving factor when moving to the cloud. The cost of the cloud is similar to that of an on-premises environment when storage, support, and connectivity are considered.

The true value of moving to the cloud is in the benefits. Better productivity from better access to applications. The latest and greatest versions of applications, security, and infrastructure. Simple scalability. Greater availability. All empower your organization to be more productive in less time.


Applications have different performance requirements when being delivered as a cloud solution. Optimized performance is dependent upon connectivity.

As your trusted Managed Cloud Service Provider, Klik Solutions understands the ideal requirements needed to maximize application performance. From proper sizing of resources to optimizing delivery through connectivity, we’ll create an end to end cloud solution enabling your organization to take advantage of the cloud.

Simplify Complexity

The cloud is more complex than simply moving your data from on premises to the cloud. Data storage needs to be properly provisioned and – where possible – tiered to give you the most cost-effective solution.

Computing power, data security and compliance, and connectivity are critical to an ideal experience. And understanding the mysterious monthly invoices from popular cloud platforms requires an experienced team to ensure you pay what you’re supposed to.

Klik Solutions is the Cloud Services Provider that has you covered.

Neil Konstantoulas explains the Cloud

In this episode of Klik TV, Neil Konstantoulas, Senior Solutions Advisor at Klik Solutions and co-founder of Molnii, shares how cloud solutions can benefit businesses. He delves into the workings of the cloud and explains its basic functions.  He also discusses the major cloud platforms, including Molnii, and highlights the advantages of using cloud solutions for businesses. By leveraging the power of the cloud, businesses can easily store, manage, and access their data from anywhere in the world, which is crucial for businesses operating in a remote or distributed environment.

Finally, Konstantoulas shares insights about Molnii, the company he co-founded. He provides a high-level overview of the platform and how it can help businesses leverage the cloud to achieve their goals.

Whether you’re new to the world of cloud computing or looking to expand your knowledge, this episode is a must-watch. Don’t forget to hit the LIKE and SUBSCRIBE buttons to stay up-to-date with all the latest content from Klik TV. 


Looking for support?

We solve our client’s IT problems on the spot.


Why Klik Solutions?

Managed IT Services

Experienced experts

We have ten years of experience in the industry, with four offices across the globe and over 60 IT experts to meet your IT, cybersecurity, and cloud needs.
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Managed IT Services

Tailored approach

Armed with extensive tech expertise and a unique IT approach, we focus on your IT with a creative and comprehensive IT strategy tailored to your specific business needs.
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Managed IT Services

Reliable protection

As a certified Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), we provide reliable data protection with 24/7/365 tech support, ensuring that your company is protected, efficient, and competitive.
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Managed IT Services

Integrated team

IT support is more than the cost of doing business. Our team becomes YOUR team, working closely with you to learn your business goals, challenges, and opportunities.
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Managed IT Services

Positive experience

We want your experience with our team to be a positive, enjoyable, personalized one that inspires a culture of success that transfers not only to your employees but also your customers.
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Managed IT Services

Collaborative partnership

When we partner, YOUR business is OUR business. It’s a long-term partnership, providing unbiased and expert-level technology services with transparency and collaboration.
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Step – by-step to amazing IT experience



We assess your current systems and business processes.



We add our security tools to keep your systems safe. We add our remote tools to better serve end users.



We monitor your systems to keep them secure and optimized.



We work with you to determine how technology can help your grow your business and increase productivity



Our Help Desk and engineering team work with your team to resolve any issues quickly and accurately


Constantly improving

We compare your system with current industry standards and work with you to constantly improve security and efficiency, so you remain safe and productive

Five benefits of managed cloud services and what managed Cloud is

Cloud transformation is not just a trend; it is a convenient and affordable way of bringing your business to a different level, scaling potential of your team and boosting productivity. Your organization already leverages the cloud to advance business in some fashion. Email, business applications such as organization management, HR, finance, sales and others are typical cloud examples. A Managed Cloud Service Provider is an organization that manages information technology services for other companies via the web. A Managed Cloud Service Provider helps organizations by managing the customers’ computing, storage, networks, and operating systems, along with the complex tools and application stacks that run on top of that infrastructure.

The role of a Managed Cloud Services Provider in migration to the Cloud

MSPs help organizations simplify the process of migrating to a cloud platform. They enhance both top-and-bottom lines by means of multiple components such as asset and service management, business continuity, solution-based capacity management, and more. MSPs are a great alternative to other outsourcing models where the service providers only perform the services that the customers ask.

Cloud computing today is an essential component of business growth. Managed cloud hosting helps create the right balance between the scalability and facilities that a public cloud can provide and the promise of better reliability that on-premise solutions can offer. Businesses that need to give processes a higher priority than IT must analyze the benefits that managed cloud services can bring to the table.

Today’s managed cloud services represent a collaborative effort between service provider and customer. The MSPs contribute to the expertise, technology, and experience for the customers’ inputs on their specific business objectives.

Cloud is here to stay. It provides a number of benefits for organizations we can’t ignore. In brief, it allows businesses to keep data on remote servers with the ability to access it anytime from anywhere on any device. The main 5 reasons why you should switch to Cloud are:

1. Reduced Costs

Hosting your data on remote servers will save you money as you won’t have a need for onsite hardware or data center. Forget about expenses associated with buying new equipment, maintaining and improving existing one. You will also save on electricity bills. Savings are all around!

2. Visible Scalability

You need more space? Or maybe less space? Cloud will have you covered. It is easily scalable both ways and you pay  only for what you use. There will be no need for those important decisions about data center capacity and capital investments. Let the Cloud do what it does best – adjusting to the needs you have.

3. Easy Access & Increased Collaboration

One of the greatest benefits of Cloud is the ability to access data from multiple devices and from anywhere. That feature allows people to work from home or from the beach. Also, team members can work together on shared data in real-time which increases collaboration significantly.

4. Higher Efficiency

When you move to Cloud, you will be making the best possible use of its resources at minimum cost. Your business can focus on bigger goals instead and redeploy people to higher-value tasks. There will be an efficiency increase throughout the company.

5. Full Data Control & Security

Behind cloud computing security, there are policies, procedures and controls that work together to protect your data. Cloud allows you to regularly (every 15 minutes) back up your files which greatly minimizes data deletion and disaster events.

Managed cloud services offers companies numerous possibilities. This makes the storage and processing of large and changing amounts of data more agile. Depending on requirements, additional capacities can be added and performance can be guaranteed at a continuously high level. This high-performance cloud computing integrates classic managed services infrastructures into a high-performance cloud environment.

Managed Cloud hosting platforms provided by your MSSP

Agility, flexibility and scalability of corporate IT are easier to implement with the cloud. In addition, cloud not only helps to solve existing challenges, but also to develop new applications without having to install a complete data center. However, companies often lack the appropriate skills and experience to implement these changes. It is therefore helpful to have partners who can maintain the professionalization and standardization of managed services.

Managed cloud hosting is used by organizations to share and access resources such as databases, hardware, and software tools, across a remote network via multiple servers in various locations. In managed cloud hosting, servers are purchased in slices or as a virtual server. Managed cloud services involve outsourcing management responsibilities and functions for saving costs and improving operations.

Being able to access and use the latest technologies as a service forms a critical business need for organizations and proves to be very cost-effective. An experienced Cloud service provider will ensure that the cloud workloads are optimized according to a company’s priorities– while the internal technical resources can be used to focus on further innovations—thus preparing the organization for growth. All this makes managed cloud services an indispensable part of an organization’s growth strategy.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a managed cloud service?

Managed cloud services are the partial or complete management and control of a customers’ cloud infrastructure, including migration, maintenance and optimization. By collaborating with a managed cloud service provider, a business can ensure its cloud resources run efficiently. Outsourcing cloud management also allows businesses to optimize costs.

I’ve heard a lot about the Cloud. How my business can benefit from it?

Cloud is one of the fastest-growing directions in tech industry today. It has become available to everyone, not only large enterprises. It helps businesses use applications easier, organize distributed team work and remote workspaces and even helps keep your business safe. Set up correctly, your business can use Cloud to a competitive advantage against other businesses. If you want to test Cloud advantages, send us an email at info@klik.solutions

What is the difference between Backup and Cloud Backup, and why do I need it?

In simple words, Backup is a copy of your data stored outside of your computer so that it may be used to restore the original after a data loss event. Quite often Cloud is used to store backup copies offsite in a highly secure data center.

Which cloud solutions can you provide in Baltimore and worldwide?

We offer a wide range of Cloud transformation services custom tailored for your business needs. Klik Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Partner for Small and Midmarket Cloud solutions including Microsoft 365. (THIS DOES NOT ANSWER THE FAQ- WHAT WOULD BE THE ANSWER HERE?)

What industries do you provide managed cloud services for?

We have a wide array of clientele. Our clients reside in the Healthcare, Legal, Non-Profits, Construction, Food Distribution, and Manufacturing industries. We design, implement, and support Cloud solutions to support their technology initiatives.

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