Web Analytics Services Company

MicrosoftTeams image 7 Are you looking for a web analytics company with experience in the field?  Look no further. Klik Solutions, a manage IT service provider and Baltimore cybersecurity firm, is now offering web analytics services with Klik Data Analytics.

Web Analytics Services Company

Your web presence is a powerful tool in your business arsenal.  It builds your brand recognition, generates leads by attracting potential customers, and promotes your products, services, and events, targeting your specific audiences.  E-commerce allows your businesses to sell directly to customers. When customer service is built in, you eliminate or reduce the need for in-person support transactions. Your website generates a wealth of data used to gain insights about customer experience, behaviors, preferences, and feedback, informing your business decisions and giving you a competitive edge.

This poses financial challenges for smaller businesses with limited resources.  It takes capital to set up an internal data analytics team, purchase software and devices, and implement appropriate cybersecurity to protect the integrity of your site.  Outsourcing these services to a web analytics company can be a cost-saving solution for this concern for businesses of any size.

What Outsourcing Offers

Outsourced website analytics lets you track and analyze a variety of data points offering valuable insights into your business efforts, particularly in marketing. Data culture adopters make careful, data-informed decisions about how they use their web activity in a targeted, intentional manner, improving the overall digital strategy. Website analysis services examine a variety of valuable data points, including:
  • Traffic: Number of visits, unique visitors, page views, and bounce rate.
  • Sources: traffic sources, such as search engines, social media, referral sites, direct traffic, and campaigns.
  • Demographics: age, gender, location, and interests of visitors.
  • Devices: type of device used to access the website, such as desktop, mobile, or tablet.
  • User Behavior: Time on site, pages per session, and average session duration.
  • Conversions: Number of conversions, conversion rate, and revenue generated.
  • Funnel Analysis: The path from arrival to conversion.
  • Content Performance: Popular pages, exit pages, and bounce rates for specific pages.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Keyword ranking in Google and other search engines, organic search traffic, and backlinks.
  • Social Media Metrics: Shares, likes, comments, and referral traffic from social media channels.
Our service incorporates an easy process.  We collaborate, identifying your specific needs and key metrics that matter most to your bottom line.  Then we connect to your data and create powerful data visualizations with advanced business intelligence tools that drive your data discussions.

Our dashboards report your priority metrics, allowing your team to devise strategic plans and action steps to move your business forward.  You can identify ways your website design and navigation, engagement and conversion rates, and digital marketing strategies such as SEO and PPC advertising will more effectively and efficiently reach your target audience.

Using Klik’s website analysis services helps you use the right tools and approach for understanding your online presence, reach the right audience, and drive business growth and success. Contact us to learn more. Your data can take you places.  What’s your destination?

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