5 Industries that need an IT Plan

5 Industries that need an IT Plan
Nowadays, nobody will dispute the great importance of technology in overall business success and competitiveness. With the rapid shift to working online, some companies underestimated the role of IT support. A properly organized and managed IT infrastructure alongside tailored software solutions is essential for all organizations. Still, technology is more vital to some economic sectors. Here are five industries that need an IT plan the most.

1. Finance and accounting

Accounting and finance companies have a unique interdependent relationship with technology and handle sensitive customer data. That is why cybersecurity breaches and data leaks can destroy a business’ reputation. On top of keeping client’s personal information safe, finance and accounting firms must comply with rapidly changing industry regulations while staying up to date with clients’ expectations. With proper IT planning and reliable IT support can provide technology solutions that can help finance and accounting companies business grow and succeed.

2. Healthcare

Similar to the finance sector, medical data is extremely sensitive and requires constant oversight with 24/7 support. When it comes to the healthcare industry, the stakes are even higher because there is no room for error when it comes to people’s lives. Medical technology, including electronic medical records (EMR), telehealth services, and mobile devices, are complex for practices of all sizes and types. Having the right technology is critical for physicians and medical teams as it impacts the time and resources available for patient care.

3. Legal

Legal services are moving more to the digital space. Customized tech solutions help elevate legal practice to a different. Modern tech solutions allow immediate access to databases and simplify the search for information. On top of this, law firms work with vast and highly diverse sensitive data streams – from Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to intellectual property and trade secrets. A properly planned and executed IT strategy with a strong cybersecurity component eliminates risks and increases competitiveness.

4. Education

With the pandemic upending our schools, technology is playing an increasing role in education. Without a reliable IT infrastructure and 24/7 IT support for students and teachers, it would mean disaster for everyone. That is where IT planning comes in. Everyone can get training with handling their data and protecting your institution.

5. Data hosting and processing

Most of the world’s data is held by data hosting and processing companies. They keep data organized and protected from hackers. To do this, they rely on information technology professionals who can build and maintain databases, develop efficient software applications, implement strategies to avoid cybersecurity threats, and provide technical support when needed. Companies operating in this field have their on-site tech teams. Still, sometimes they struggle to deal with an increased workload or complicated issues which require narrow focus or niche specialization.   If you operate in one of the listed industries, making an IT plan is your top priority. It might be challenging to focus on strategical business goals, keep market positions, deliver a high-class service to your customers, and working on your IT at the same time. An experienced and trusted Managed Service Provider would take this load off you. Contact us to discover more about what you can do with IT
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