Arthur’s Blog: Ukraine on my mind…. 

Ukraine on my mind

Last summer

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I flew to Ukraine to complete a formal legal documentation procedure. I found myself alone on a Saturday afternoon and decided to walk around Kyiv. It was a warm, beautiful, and sunny day so thank God I brought my sunglasses. I stopped by my favorite coffee kiosk, Aroma Kava, and treated myself to an cappuccino and grabbed a seat on an empty bench right on Khreshyatik Street. Watching all the people walk by I thought about my connection to this amazing city as well as Ukraine as a whole. I realized these streets are the same streets my parents walked in their younger days. The same city, that for generations, was home to my family. Ever since my first visit back to Ukraine, I have always felt a strong connection. Each time is incredibly special to me. 

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Ukraine is in a bitter war with Russia. It is not actually what I would call a war. It is an unprovoked and one-sided attack sprung from generations of lies and mistruths. Ukraine is fighting for its survival as a democratic and European state. Personally, this has been such a challenging time for me. How can this be happening? I feel like this is all a bad dream and I am hoping to wake up from this nightmare. Both of my grandfathers died during World War 2 fighting on behalf of the Soviet Union. Other members of my family sacrificed their lives as well, giving their all to defend the motherland. There are no doubts in my mind were they here, they would not stand for the injustices happening today. How is the world allowing this to happen? I pray it ends soon. 

Something needed to be done

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To help the innocent people affected by this tragedy and I personally needed to do all that I could to help. Along with other business leaders, a non-profit called Global Operations Group Ukraine Aid has officially been launched. The non-profit’s fundamental goal is to rapidly provide funds and supplies for humanitarian and survival needs to those who need it the most. In just the first two weeks of its operation, GOGUkraineAid raised over $40,000 in funds and launched a successful donation drive, which helped gather four large truckloads of humanitarian aid supplies. Half of these supplies, consisting of clothing, medical supplies, and food is already in Poland and being distributed to refugees once they have crossed over the border. GOGUkraineAid has partnered with Ukrainian Government entities such as Ukraine National Postal Service (UkrPoshta) and other Nonprofits to deliver goods not only to the border between Poland and Ukraine but directly into Ukrainian cities and towns that need it the most. 

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What is next?  

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We will continue to raise funding to support this effort and are getting many requests for medicine and medical supplies. GOGUkraineAid has also been asked by other organizations to assist with logistics. As you can imagine, it is not easy to deliver items into some of the most heated and activated war zones in the world. These efforts are all something we are immensely proud of. We can partner and collaborate to provide aid where it is needed the most and will not stop working hard to make a difference every day. Ukraine needs our help now.  

I hope to be able to return to the beautiful Ukraine soon. I hope to reconnect with people that I have become close friends with. I hope to reconnect with my KlikUkraine team members. I hope to sit on that same bench and enjoy another Aroma Kava coffee. I hope to continue to build more amazing memories. These memories will live forever. Soon. 

We pray for a democratic and free Ukraine. We will not stop until this becomes reality.

Slava Ukraini! 

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