Back to School! What to think about when setting up your remote school

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Students are all happy to start school this week. Most schools are opening remotely continuing distance learning. Is it challenging? You bet! It is challenging for both students and parents. Let’s be optimistic and try to discover the ways to make school time at home easier and more fun. This is what you can do to improve your remote schooling experience. 

Make your space ready 

Make sure you have a dedicated space for your studying. Start with a desk, computer, speakers, or headphones. You want to stay focused and prepared to receive new knowledge. Ideally, nothing should distract you.  

Be smart and prepared 

Learn the school platform first, so it is easy to navigate. Read all the instructions and try to connect before school starts. Do the dry runs with your family and friends. Be proactive and make yourself comfortable with the new system.  

Stay connected 

One of the most exciting things about school is hanging out with friends. It can be done from home too. Connect on Social Media, through messengers and Zoom. Using those platforms, organize parties while keeping social distance and staying safe. Life should be fun, right?  

Be active 

Communicate with your peer students. You can connect on school boards and forums. You can start your own discussion or thread of messages. Learning together makes the process dynamic, and you can learn more from discussions and brainstorming.   

Ensure Internet connection 

To do all the things listed above, you should have a good Internet connection. If you need to switch providers, do it. If you need to get a better, faster plan, do it. You can move everything back once we return to the face-to-face mode.  

These are just a few things to consider for this “remote” school year. Even though it does not feel the same, it is still exciting. Happy September!  

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