Best Project Management Methodology to help your business

The best Project Management Methodology post

The best project management methodology is what makes sense and is most suitable for your business, project type, team, and client. Sergey Krupin, a Cross Function Operation Consultant at Klik gives his input on the best Project Management (PM) Methodology for your business.

Some organizations follow Waterfall, others use Agile or ITIL. Forward-thinking leaders don’t adhere to a single PM methodology – they learn how to mesh various practices to accommodate whatever the project and client call for.

Almost 90% of the project professionals surveyed in 2019 said that their organization implemented hybrid project management practices.

A Project Management Methodology is, in fact, a set of Guiding Principles and Processes that allow organizations to integrate multiple management methodologies.

Who said we couldn’t apply some Scrum Pillars and ITIL4 Guiding Principles in Waterfall projects?! Don’t get stuck in methodology and think about how to name your method – start with principles (or a mixture of principles and different methods) that are best fit your goals, business, and client needs.

Below is a quick breakdown of the three methodologies:

ITIL 4 Guiding Principles

  • • Focus on value
  • • Start where you are
  • • Collaborate and promote visibility
  • • Progress iteratively with feedback
  • • Keep it simple and practical
  • • Think and work holistically
  • • Optimize and automate

SCRUM Pillars

  • • Transparency
  • • Inspection
  • • Adaptation

Agile (Adaptive)

  • • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • • Responding to change over following a plan

To reiterate, there is no one size fits all PM methodology for any business. Hopefully, with this blog, you have a better understanding of which Project Management methodology would best fit your business. If you need help with your technology or making your processes better, Klik here so we can help you out.

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