Five ways to maximize Microsoft Outlook

Maximize Microsoft Outlook

We can’t be sure how many people across the globe start their day with coffee, but for over 1,1 billion users, the beginning of the day begins with Microsoft Outlook. It is the world’s most popular collaboration and productivity platform. But at the same time, a few people use all the available features and benefits of Outlook. Here are five tips to consider if you want to maximize your Microsoft Outlook.

1. Create Outlook email templates.

If you have to repeatedly send the same kind of messages, save one of the emails as a template. This option is available in the Outlook Template menu and allows the pre-saved form to compose another email of the same kind. Go to File >Save as, then click on Items>Save the document as OFT(Outlook Template) >Select the User templates when you are ready to use the form.

Outlook  Template

2. Schedule an email.

Have some free time to compose emails, but it’s not the right time to send them yet? Use the Delay Delivery feature to schedule send an email. This allows you to specify the time and date you want emails to go out. Perfect for creating timely responses before you go to long meetings or when you’re offline. When you finish composing your email, you will see on the upper side of the window called Options, and there you will see delay Delivery (if not you might have to select the three-dotted symbol for it to appear.) Now all that you have to do is to set the preferred date and time for sending it.

Delay delivery

3. Learn your keyboard shortcuts.

It is always a good idea to use shortcuts wherever possible. They help to perform actions much quicker, and you are not relying on a mouse or touchpad. The most common shortcuts for Microsoft Outlook are Ctrl+R, which starts a new email reply. Ctrl+Shift+M, which creates a new email, Ctrl+1, which opens the email tabs, Ctrl+2 to open a calendar etc. You can see some more combinations over buttons on the toolbar.

4. Use a focused inbox

Make it easier to scroll through numerous emails and find what you need with a Focused inbox. Outlook sorts your emails for you, moving important messages into Focused and junk mails to Other.

5. Tag someone to attract their attention.

You can mention the name of a person you would like to get a response from in a group email. Just add @ before the recipient’s name, and Outlook Mentions will notify that this person has been invited into a conversation.

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