Four ways to improve the speed of CCH

4 ways to improve the speed of your CCH

If you work in the accounting or legal industry you should be familiar with the CCH brand name. The leading provider of tax, accounting, and research services addressing the evolving requirements of business and legal professionals. CCH offers the market a powerful integrated software suite that includes a wide range of modules for different taxation operations. However, any application has its downtimes, and one of the CCH issues is related to the speed of workflow.

Discover four ways of troubleshooting this problem.

1. Complete a system rebuild.

If you haven’t done it within the last months, put a system rebuild completion to the list of top priorities. Note that this specifically relates to CCH Tax Prep.

2. Check your network speed.

The speed of the CCH application relies primarily on the speed of your network. When you open Tax Preparation, your PC receives nearly a gigabyte of data through the system, and there are some network issues you have to consult with an IT service provider or network specialist.

3. Exit background applications.

Something running in the background on your computer can cause your CCH to slow down. To test this, run CCH application in safe mode with networking. If it runs fine in safe mode, then other applications are causing the problem.

4. Set up your Anti-Virus Software.

Anti-Virus Software can cause speed issues when scanning your system by any real-time scanning. CCH provider recommends excluding real-time virus scanning on all CCH ProSystem fx Office directories on both file servers and workstations.

These might help you to resolve some of your issues. But if you’re still having problems, the Klik Solutions professionals are here to help your business out! Our broad expertise in IT support for accountants and legal firms allows us to deal with issues of any complexity. Focus on your work without distractions. Click HERE for more information.

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