How to Prepare & Perform a Mac Migration

How to Prepare & Perform a Mac Migration

One day you will decide to upgrade to a new Mac, and the best way to start transitioning your files and data is to get ready for this process in advance. It is critical to understand how you are going to transfer information and apps to your new device, how long does Mac migration take, and what to do with your old Mac. Klik Solutions, managed IT services provider with headquarters in Baltimore, can assist you in safe and quick data migration between devices. However, if you are about completing such a transition on your own, here are some useful tips from our experts.

How to Prepare a Mac Migration

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The first step of any data transfer is ensuring that your important data, documents, files, and information are backed up reliably. Great news! Whether you have a few programs and documents or several terabytes of data, there are simple and dependable techniques for backing it up. Meet Time Machine, an effective tool for data backup. If you have an external hard disk, Time Machine is your go-to solution for seamless data transfer. Since its release in 2007, Time Machine has been a trusted companion, allowing you to regularly back up your Mac to an external hard disk. For optimal results, ensure that the external disk matches your Mac’s hard drive in terms of storage capacity. This way, you’ll have enough space to safeguard all your valuable data. It’s worth mentioning that Time Machine even offers backup options without requiring an external hard disk. So, if you’re a Mac user looking to migrate your data seamlessly, Time Machine is the perfect tool to ensure a smooth transition.

The next step is to get familiar with Apple’s Migration Assistant. This macOS app helps you to move your apps, files, data and settings to a new mac from various sources, including Time Machine backup or even Windows PC. Migration Assistant is installed by default on every Mac, and can be run during the first set up of your new Mac computer or after setup is completed. The versatility of this tool expands even further: if you don’t have Wi-Fi connection you can go for the Ethernet or USB-C cable option.

The very common question is how long does data transfer using apple migration assistant take? Here we must warn you: Apple Migration Assistant is not the best when it comes to time estimation, and it often fails in responding to a request: “how long does mac transfer take?”

So, to make sure that your workflow won’t be affected by the migration process, start data transfer before the night-time. You can find plenty of information and a step-by-step guide on performing Mac transfer on Apple’s official support website, and we’ve added some tips and tricks to make the process as smooth as possible based on our hands-on experience.

Mac Migration

Before you start Mac migration:

  1. Pay due attention to your passwords: collect and record as many of them as possible, utilize a password manager to simplify the process. Remember, you will need your passwords to log into your new device, activate software and connect to file sharing tools.
  2. Create a list of your critical software and apps. You will need it after your Mac migration to make sure that all tools you are used to are installed and activated on your new device. It is recommended to reinstall apps instead of migrating them for better user-experience. experience.
  3. Check out your Trash folder and go through your Downloads and Desktop folders to delete unnecessary files.
  4. If you are migrating from an old Mac to a new one, keep in mind that you will be unable to use both computers during the process. Because you can’t be certain how long it takes to transfer data from mac to mac, it’s best not to schedule any crucial tasks during the migration period.

Now let’s move on and take a closer look at Time Machine Backup.

To ensure that you won’t lose any important data and files, create a Time Machine backup on an external hard drive with enough space to store all your information. Let Time Machine run its course, which may take several hours. You can speed the process up by completing the following steps:

  • Close all apps.
  • Set your Mac to never sleep in Energy Saver (use a power adapter).
  • Keep your MacBook lid open.
  • Lock your screen and leave for the night.

After the backup finishes, safely disconnect the Time Machine hard drive. From now on, ensure all new work is saved on the server or other online storage.

When you move on to restoring the Time Machine Backup, first make sure to schedule enough time (min 4 hours) to copy all your data to your new Mac. Avoid migrating any applications during the restoration process, and remember, that it is recommended to reinstall applications instead of transferring them.

Test your Mac thoroughly once the migration process is completed, including email, file sharing access, and documents. Make sure you are fully satisfied with functionality and any important information is missing before erasing your old device and its backups.

You can also consider using iCloud Drive as an alternative method to transfer basic files and documents. Upload files and folders from your Mac to iCloud Drive, and access them on your new Mac. However, you will not be able to access them without an Internet connection.

Erasing Your Old Mac

After you’ve set up your new Mac and transferred your data, it’s time to erase your old MacBook. If your Mac has a T2 Security Chip, utilize Erase Assistant to delete data, fingerprints from Touch ID, user accounts, and sign you out of iCloud. Erase Assistant functions similarly to deleting an iPhone or iPad and automatically disables Activation Lock.

Following these steps and tips will ensure a smooth transition to your new Mac while safeguarding your data.

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